Hey, all. 2018 has been an amazing year for Nova Drift. The game has changed so much since the Kickstarter campaign that I barely recognize it. What started as a little crash course in coding has turned into a full-fledged, ever-growing living game and I'm very excited to share it with the world. Also... extremely nervous and self-conscious! But, all things considered, that's just Tuesday for me. Anyway!:

Early Access is coming to Steam!

It's looking like an early access release in early 2019 if things continue to go smoothly.

Please don't forget to wishlist Nova Drift on Steam, even if you plan to play the DRM free version. It'll make a huge difference on launch week!

New Things: Super Mods!

Super Mods are a new type of upgrade that can be unlocked at high account levels.

Super Mods tend to provide incredible power, but often come at a heavy price

Once unlocked, they appear in your mod pool when certain conditions at met. The conditions for each mod are different. For example, Leaf on the Wind causes your ship to become very small and provides a ramping damage buff the longer you avoid taking any damage to your hull or shields. The mod will appear in your mod pool if you have purchased the Streamline and Warpath mods.

Another Super Mod, Tempest Break, is being combined with Celestial Surge to deal stacking burn damage

Construct Skill Tree Reworks

Full construct builds now require more investment, but are far more powerful and provide more options
The Advanced Drone construct has been decoupled from the standard drone trees and has been given its own diverse upgrade avenues. You can teach it to snipe, dodge, decoy, heal, or use your weapon!
One of the reworked bosses, the Warbringer, being doubled-teamed by the Interceptor Ally construct

New Skill Tree: Adaptive Armor

This skill tree opens up a lot of possibilities for full tank and retaliation builds
Stacking triggered defenses. Warning: Do Not Touch

Improved Boss Encounters

New Quick and Clever Foes

The early game needed an interesting and fast enemy. Pulsars, shown above, launch barrages of seeking energy torpedoes, dodge your attacks, blast you from close range, and drop mines which release a spiral of projectiles.
The cosmic ballet... goes on."

A Dynamic High Score System

Nova Drift now records your build and statistics from your top 10 runs!

Gamepad Support

I highly recommend you play on Gamepad!

Track Your Progress and Unlocks

 I hope to create dozens more Super Mods as the game evolves!
Base mods are displayed as well
Upgrades can be moused over for details

More Modules and Gear

Improved Lighting and Effects

What Else is New?

  • Hundreds of balance changes, hundreds!
  • An improved high level experience
  • Total overhauls for several shields and weapons
  • A lot of visual polish
  • Performance optimization
  • Overhauled bosses
  • A new "Learn" menu
  • Tips are now displayed on the Game End screen
  • Better user interface for taking and dealing damage, restoring and breaking shields
  • More music and iteration on sound effects

What's Next?

A new enemy approaches...

The Nova Drift community is deeply involved with the development of the game. Come join us!

Thanks, all. If you play, please feel free to send me feedback via discord or chimericgames@gmail.com