Challenge Mode: Wild Metamorphosis Unlocked!

The latest and largest Nova Drift update has now launched, and it's free!

Wild Metamorphosis offers a new challenge mode and 24 new upgrades! Read on for details.

New OST, 20% Game Sale, and OST Bundle

The original soundtrack by Miles Tilmann is now available!

21 tracks spanning electronic, ambient, drum n' bass and beyond. More tracks will be added as Nova Drift approaches full release.

Both the game and the OST are discounted this week. Additionally, if you purchase them as a bundle, you'll save another 10%.

If you already own it, this is a perfect time to buy the game for a friend. Or for someone with one of those cats that likes to swat at moving lights on monitors. They love Nova Drift.


Wild Metamorphosis, a new challenge mode, aims to double-down on the game's rogue-lite aspects. While its enabled, Wild Mods invade your familiar mod pool, providing crazy opportunities and a need for adaptation and innovation.

These strange upgrades are often powerful enough to incentive pivoting a build. They also have a tendency to tempt you into buying more and more of them, as they build off of each other and stack. A whole lot of risk, and a whole lot of reward. Additionally, rerolls are reduced, adding importance to each of your decisions.

Read the full patch notes here.

Stack Overflow!

Wild Mods also introduce a new mechanic, Recursive mods. Mods with the Recursive aspect can be purchased any number of times.

Each stack of Scorching Wake increases the number of fireballs you produce by thrusting. Combine this with the Rampage mod (which grants great power at the cost of always-on thrusting) for extra spicy!

Some Wild Mods can help you encounter more Wild Mods per level, or stack higher numbers of recursive mods. Some also care about your total number of Wild Mods, becoming more powerful as additional Wild Mods are purchased.

Chaos, chaos, chaos!
A Wild Mod triggered on shield break, "Death Blossom"
Other Wild Mods offer entirely new play strategies. For instance, Phantom Strike when combined with the above mod, Propulsive Munitions, allows you to teleport past an enemy when you slam into it, all while continuing to fire it its direction. You could also utilize Propulsive Munitions as a dash attack, augmenting the Hullbreaker body's destructive potential

Wild Metamorphosis Will Continue to Evolve!

This is just the beginning. Like Super Mods, future Nova Drift updates will introduce new Wild Mods for more variation and possibilities.

Community Spotlight: The Nova Drift Wiki

I'd like to shout out the community's work on the amazing Nova Drift wiki. With over 300 pages, comprehensive content, and a sharp new design, it is truly something to be proud of! Special thanks to Jim-bot, Haru, Peetrrovv, Pixelstormer, Silical, Vogelspin, and everyone else for your contributions.  

Here's the link:

Also, if you're a Discord user, we've got this great new bot that Silical made, Lilith, who can look up pages from the wiki. Detailed instructions of how to use it are in #bot-spam. Try: l!nd "Phantom Strike" in that channel, for instance.

Supporting Nova Drift

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Why Steam Reviews Matter

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Beyond that...

Nova Drift is a premium game which regularly receives free updates. I developed it mostly alone, out of my own pocket. If you'd like to support me and the game's ongoing development, you can always BMC!:

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm. Please join our community and share your thoughts on Nova Drift on the Discord. Happy Drifting!



Jeffrey Nielson