Version 0.32.32: Enemies 2.0, Part 1

Updated January 25, 2022

A comprehensive overhaul to enemies and waves, along with new foes.

New Major Features

  • Dynamic Waves: ALL original random encounters have been removed from the game and replaced. Most waves are now procedurally generated from a complex set of rules and have their difficulty scaled based on the current wave. Please note that you will need the Challenge Mode, Elite Enemy, enabled to see the full capabilities of Dynamic Waves
  • Curated Waves: Waves that are multiples of 10 (that are not boss waves) are now "curated waves" which are hand-crafted semi-random waves. There are many variants, and some require you to have reached a certain wave (usually wave 120+) to encounter them. Please note that you will need the Challenge Mode, Elite Enemy, enabled to see the full capabilities of Curated Waves
  • Enemy Formations: Certain enemies can now spawn in "formations" with followers. The following formations are possible: Orbit, Flank, Rank and File, Trail, Protect, and Support
  • Battlefield Zoom & Background parallax: As you progress in the game, the camera will gradually zoom out further and further, allowing you more room to maneuver as enemies become more numerous. Some boss fights will have a discrete zoom level. The background star fields and celestial objects now parallax as the zoom changes
  • Station Omega has been reworked. It is now gigantic and has had its artwork and visual effects overhauled. It should otherwise be more or less the same fight, but with more room to maneuver
  • Added a new enemy: Bulwark
  • Added a new enemy: Myrmidon
  • Added a new enemy: Hammerhead
  • Added a new enemy: Tracer
  • Added a new enemy: Cherub
  • Added a new enemy: Swarmling
  • Added a "weak point" mechanic, allowing certain enemy segments to take extra damage from projectile hits:
  • Weak points take 2.5x damage
  • Station Omega, Eclipses, and Warbringer have weak points
  • Weak point hulls have been generally increased to balance this mechanic
  • Wild Mods now display how many copies of a recursive mod you'll get when you're getting more than one
  • Added a new rarity for Wild Mods: Ultra-Rare
  • Added a new Ultra-Rare Wild Mod: Far Sight
  • Added a new Ultra-Rare Wild Mod: Explosive Growth
  • Grandeur, Maelstrom, Twin Strike, and Quantum Decoherence are now Ultra-Rare Wild Mods
  • Added a new Super Mod: Deflagration
  • New Background music: "Centerless"
  • Added dozens of new sound effects
  • Added Korean localization
  • Added Borderless Fullscreen Mode to the Settings menu (I recommend switching it on!)
  • Added Legacy Support:
  • Starting with the Syzygy update, old version of Nova Drift will be accessible on Steam branches. Created separate leaderboards for Syzygy for when Enemies 2.0 goes live

New Features

  • Added input support for mouse wheel up and down, mb side 1, and mb side 2 buttons
  • Made player, player segment, and Bastion collisions with solids more "physicsy"
  • You can now create your own prefab builds by editing a .CSV file found in the game files called "prefabPlayerBuilds", or adding your own called "userPrefabBuilds.csv", and using the debug cheats to spawn the build (See the Discord for information on debug mode)
  • Settings now allows you to select "Background Detail". Higher settings look better, including more star layers and nebulae. Lower settings improve performance - The default is "high" - 'None' is an empty void except for fixed celestial object spawns
  • A toggle for VSync has been added to settings. Please experiment with this to see if your performance is improved
  • While toggling Windowed resolutions, you'll find a new custom window size option available: Your display size, minus a buffer of 150 pixels
  • Windowed Modes now use a custom window, and hides the window during gameplay

Global Changes

  • Revised the order and contents of unlocks. Check your Unlocks menu. Please be warned: YOU MAY LOSE OR GAIN ACCESS TO UPGRADES YOU PREVIOUSLY HAD DEPENDING ON YOUR ACCOUNT RANK. You may also see the new unlock order here:
  • Changed the way score converts to Rank Exp at the end of a run. Old formula: Score = Rank Exp. New Formula: Rank Exp = (Score * 20)^.8 (This helps new players earn unlocks and slows massive progression from huge scores)
  • The exp curve has been replaced by a new formula that is less exponential. Now, you will reach the 40's more slowly, but afterward leveling will remain consistent instead of becoming incredibly expensive. This serves to improve the difficulty curve, as many complained that mid-game was comparatively much duller than early and late waves
  • To alleviate game difficulty resulting from the Enemies 2.0 changes and the changes to the exp curve, especially for less experienced players, the following changes to exp have been made:
  • The base exp gained from orbs has been increased 15%
  • Mayhem no longer provides more bonuses than other modes do, instead, Endless does
  • The bonuses from having challenge modes enabled has been decreased from a total of +40% for all modes enabled to a total of +30%
  • Please note that these changes result in more experience being earned for any configuration, and it means that having challenge modes on has less of an impact on the overall power of the player (and thus making them feel less mandatory)
  • Enemy stat scaling starts at wave 120 by default, up from 100
  • Exp values for many enemies have been adjusted. The goal was to provide more appropriate rewards considering enemy difficulty and quantity. Secondarily, the goal was to compensate for the above exp changes and ensure the player still has some decent upgrades before reaching the wave 20 boss
  • Added a new challenge mode: Annihilation. This mode is designed to be ultimate difficulty for veteran players. It gives no increases to the score or experience multiplier and is intended for personal challenge and bragging rights (and because its how intense I personally want the game to feel). It unlocks at rank 60. Scores earned in this mode will display in a special font color, "Pink Violence!"

Player Balance Changes

  • Split shot now has more base damage (20 -> 22), considerably more range, and waits longer to degenerate
  • Split Shot base damage converted to blast is now 30% -> 40%
  • Torrent rate of fire 10 /s -> 12 /s
  • Torrent velocity 5.2 -> 6.2 (Note: this is the buff that really matters, as most projectiles are "wasted" due to velocity)
  • Torrent damage 22 -> 20
  • Torrent spread slightly increased
  • Torrent now benefits much more from targeting
  • Vortex's damage formula has been adjusted to be easier to use early on. It deals far more damage at very small sizes, about the same damage at middling sizes, and inconsequentially less damage at huge sizes. Increased the damage of Vortex bolts. Further dampened self damage from Vortex at very small sizes
  • Salvo base damage 90 -> 60 (Explanation: Before Salvo was reworked with the previous update, it was buffed from 60 -> 90 due to under performing. Then, in the next update, Salvo was drastically overhauled. Both fixes made the weapon far stronger, and together they were overly dominant.)
  • Salvo stockpile release is now considered "firing" (preventing cloak, charged shot, efficiency, etc.)
  • Salvo firing triggers projectile release directly, instead of firing a single shot and then "repeating" for the stockpile
  • Salvo accumulation time acts as the de facto fire delay
  • Salvo spread is now affected by Barrage
  • Salvo stockpile can now be affected by Empowered
  • Blaster damage 17 -> 20
  • Blaster velocity 17 -> 18
  • Blaster now blends with the background
  • Bastion shield now only protects the player ship from beam damage if it's in the way
  • Bastion's wave discharge damage and area of effect increased ~14%
  • Siphon shield can now drain duration from enemy hard shields (a new mechanic)
  • Fixed reflected Tracer shot flames dealing damage to BOTH parties
  • Enemy projectiles that can be reflected that produce enemy "blasts" also become reflected (Notably Myrmidon grenades and Eclipse vortex orbs
  • Reflected blasts and burns don't harm your constructs
  • Bastion's wave discharge damage and area of effect increased ~14%
  • Research now tracks rerolls spent by banishing mods and computes hull/shield bonuses from that
  • Leviathan base hull 50 -> 60
  • Leviathan body segments are now immune to projectile piercing
  • Improved a hidden Leviathan power: Burn damage by your segments reduce their damage to 50% over 100 frames -> 80 frames
  • Snipe now cares about how far a projectile has traveled, not how far away you are when it hits
  • Constructs (excluding Bastion) are now innately 60% resistant to enemy blast damage
  • Blade's hidden resistance to all enemy damage increased 50% -> 60%
  • Burnout Reactors now has +30% construct rate of fire in addition to the scaling value from lost hull. This is to compensate for the fact that it wasn't behaving as advertised (see the bugs section)
  • Mortar -20% -> -25% mine damage and mine effect
  • Mortar -15% -> -20% self damage to hull and shields when fired with no assembled mines
  • Last Stand now restores the player to full (reduced) hull and shield after death
  • Regression now also grants a level up
  • Drone assembly time 6s -> 5s
  • Drone fire rate 1.5/s -> 2/s
  • Assault Drone Formation: Battalion rate of fire increase +50% -> +100%
  • Assault Drone Formation: Pursuit rate of fire increase +25% -> 50%
  • Assault Drones in Formation: Pursuit passively avoid danger more effectively
  • Significantly improved Defense / Assault Drone aiming accuracy
  • Reduced chances of Ally immolating itself with Siege Weaponry self-damage, by taking Barrage health recovery multiplier into account
  • Limited the Ally standoff distance to a maximum of 600 units
  • Force armor burst has more range & no longer causes screen flash
  • Shield radius now scales up slightly as battlefield base zoom increases. At maximum zoom, which is +40% battlefield size, you will have +20% increased shield radius
  • Reflexive Shields base flat damage 20 -> 30
  • Reflexive Shields scaling damage 400% damage taken -> 500% damage taken
  • Reflexive Shields now increases its size a bit by the damage taken
  • Discharge base damage and scaling damage output increased 10%
  • Discharge segment length is now affected by shield radius and not shield effect. Discharge segment width is now affected by shield effect and not shield radius
  • Discharge with Shielded Constructs can now trigger Counterpulse on Defense Drones
  • Charged Shot, Thermal Lance, and Vortex are now affected by Hyperboost
  • Purge now has new artwork
  • Spontaneous Generation now has better scaling. Previously, multiple copies of the mod weren't meaningful except on high-hull enemies
  • Gemini Protocol applies to Blade (including self-damage from hit), Advanced Constructs, and Turret degeneration damage
  • Loaded Mines are now affected by construct rate of fire multipliers
  • Slipstream has been reworked: Now provides +7% thrust, +7% rotation rate, and -7% friction
  • Drone avoidance now looks further away for moving hazards which should improve their avoidance capability a bit
  • For the player, in addition to having iFrames for colliding with ANY solids, the following change has been made:
  • For a period of time equal to 125% of the player's collision iFrames during and after the player has occupies and exits the sprite of a particular "solid", the player cannot collide with that same solid again
  • This should mitigate the player getting "stuck inside" an enemy and being collided multiple times. Note that this does not prevent "composite" or "segmented" enemies from wombo-comboing you

Enemy Balance Changes

  • The Elite Enemy Challenge Mod has less of an initial effect, but now increases the amount of enemy "rarity" that increases each time the wave advances
  • Adjusted the exp values of most enemies
  • Adjusted the hull of most enemies
  • Adjusted the time allocation to defeat most enemies and fixed many problems with the previous calculations
  • Adjusted restrictions for enemy appearances and minimum waves for enemy rarities (Elites and Champions)
  • The player will no longer collide with very small asteroids
  • Interceptors no longer try to crash into you, and will instead try steering around you
  • Many enemies now avoid overlap with each other
  • Spitfire summons Pulsar less frequently
  • Tried to make Pulsar less annoying at early waves. Elite Pulsars and especially Normal Pulsars dodge less frequently and less powerfully
  • Pulsar (and Seraph) backpedal less quickly
  • Pulsars push harder away from the edges of the screen when near them
  • Pulsar barrage attacks degenerate more swiftly once they start degenerating. They also start degenerating slightly sooner, at 260 -> 240
  • Interceptors now drop mines less rapidly
  • Hives now spawn adds more slowly depending on how many already exist
  • Singularities now deal percentile damage to enemies on top of their usual dps (was just over 9000 per second), get larger and more forceful with higher waves, and are resisted by enemy resistance less
  • Added a delay and moment of musical silence before boss encounters
  • No Enemy projectiles have infinite duration anymore
  • Enemies changing directions do so more naturally
  • "Swarmy enemies" now have more scattered spawn positions
  • Updated a very old formula for enemy crash damage output. Enemies reach the hard cap at much higher hull values, and have more range at middling hull values
  • Seraph now has "wings"
  • Seraph orbs move faster to compensate for larger zoom. Buffed Seraph railgun damage, since only one rail can hit the player at once due to iFrames
  • Serpents attempt to spend less time off-screen

Under the Hood

  • Updated to the newest GameMaker Studio 2 edition: Replaced old boring problems with new ones!
  • Vast code refactoring and optimization has occurred! There are too many to list
  • Converted many old enemies to a new, far more maintainable, compact, and convenient architecture. All new enemies use this system, and old enemies will slowly be converted  as needed
  • The background stars are no longer many discrete objects, but several layers of parallaxing sheets
  • All GUI now draws on top of the battlefield instead of on the same layer in order to allow zooming the battlefield
  • Improved avoidance and targeting use more accurate bounding shapes for objects

Text / Consistency

  • Made more things do what they say / say what they do. Also fixed grammar and or consistency mistakes. This affects: Convergence, Winnow, Carrier Swarm, Overclock, Temporal Shield, Firing Array, Snipe, Efficiency, Assault Drones, Defense Drones, Channeling, Shield Effect Radius, Support Specialist, Warp Shield, Galvanic Outburst, Phantom Strike, Obsession, Specialist, Quantum Decoherence, Explosive Growth, Hyperboost, 5 Gear Choices Unlock, the pause menu (spread and shield stats)

Bug Fixes

  • Burnout Reactors was applying +50% construct rate of fire by default and up to 100% from missing hull. This has been fixed, and now applies the advertised 0 - 50% increase
  • Efficiency applies properly to Bastion assembly
  • Higher-rank Swarm constructs now get their Bastion shield back after they break and reassemble
  • Bastion shield cooldown is now more accurate: Accounts for firing, barrage, and efficiency. It is now fully consistent with other shield types
  • Fixed Bastion failing to get post-Singularity invulnerability or intangibility
  • Allies, when firing your charged weapon, properly apply rate of fire penalties and buffs. (Was missing: Integrated Weaponry, Construct rate of fire, Overclock, Evolution, and Siege Weaponry)
  • Shield effects on Blades will now be restored after an upgrade
  • Fixed Blade's blast damage not being affected by concentrated blast
  • Fixed Warp-shielded constructs teleporting all in the same direction, rather than their facing
  • Fixed Volatile Shields having the wrong base damage when used by constructs
  • Fixed Temporal Shield affecting ineligible constructs
  • Fixed construct counts working against you with Rapid Reconstruction + Support Specialist / Overseer
  • Fixed Barrage firing too few projectiles from multi-cannon bodies by half (Battery/Courser)
  • Guardians no longer give up Medi-Charge production forever if one is lost to a singularity
  • You will now see the Constructs section of the pause screen even if you only have Blade or Carrier
  • Fixed lopsided drones in Rampart formations
  • Fixed Saturation Fire's spread not applying in edge cases
  • Fixed many cases where "NaN" could generate in place of a number and wreck havoc
  • Fixed Drone Constructs being immune to burn orbs
  • Fixed Interceptors no longer firing a spread after changes to their facing
  • Fixed Gemini splitting damage with constructs that are ineligible for shields
  • Fixed Loaded Mines/Interceptor's Thermal Lance or Vortex going invisible during the player's Warp Shield intangibility
  • Fixed pause menu only showing integer values for Plating, not 0.5 increments
  • Fixed mods banished by Winnow or Regression counting toward Research's buff after its most recent rework
  • Guardian now considers advanced Swarm Constructs to be potential healing targets
  • Pulse-Loaded-Mines emit the correct number of projectiles
  • Amp, Reflect, and Temporal radius indicators now update when the construct effect multiplier changes
  • Fixed some a case of Amp shield not applying to allies using Salvo
  • Vortex now looks at the right object to calculate its snipe bonus
  • Fixed positions of Pulse with Loaded Mines being incorrect
  • Damaging muzzle blasts (Railgun, Antimatter Rounds) no longer apply their blast damage multiplier twice
  • Pulse can now follow allies the way it follows the player
  • Fixed Splinter projectiles sometimes hitting the original target immediately
  • Fixed Dart not sticking when it should
  • Fixed Railgun shattering when it shouldn't
  • Fixed Death Blossom's timer decrementing while paused
  • Fixed escaping enemies sometimes leaving glow artifacts behind
  • Mortar now adds up its cost properly when multiple guns are involved
  • Original Thermal Lance beam color is now restored when Hyperboost ends
  • Fix the side scopes on Battery and Courser getting stuck bright after firing Thermal Lance
  • Increased the opacity of Force Armor sprites for Carrier and Courser to match other bodies
  • Viper now has a Force Armor graphic
  • Constructs that evade can now evade Celestial fireballs
  • Fixed a few cases of the "edge" of the screen being visible during screen shakes
  • Fixed Blitz procing on 0 damage hits
  • When the player or a player construct gets hit by an enemy blast, add it to the blast's hit exclusion list instead of zeroing out the damage
  • Fixed improper texture clearing with fonts
  • Bastion allows only one wave at a time and low-intensity waves are fainter and quieter, improving behavior when the player is taking continuous damage
  • Fixed Guardian not properly excluding its own Bastion shield and fixed up various places using an object type id or "other" as the target to follow
  • Mitigated Hive problems:
  • Fixed off-screen Hives never becoming able to wrap
  • Hives move more quickly and "push to wrap" with a larger border
  • Instead of targeting the general area of the player, hives just target a cone around the center of the view, reducing cases where they're off-screen
  • Tesla Mines now have player collision
  • Fixed the imprecise hitbox on Station Omega drones
  • Fixed interceptor allies not scaling with architect size bonus
  • Prevented Swarm Constructs from spawning from Spontaneous Generation if the player is dead
  • Fixed the Void added by Evolutionary Niche sometimes getting picked more than once, as they weren't being removed from the draw pool when chosen
  • Fixed attached Dart projectiles creating trail wraparound artifacts with Warp Strike
  • Fixed a bug where Pulse is better with some shields because the hitbox was rectangular and not an ellipse
  • Vortex doesn't block Siege Weaponry from appearing anymore
  • Fixed Railgun blast sprites having a square hitbox when it should be round. This affects Railgun and also anything else that used this sprite
  • Force Armor now uses the aforementioned sprite instead of an explosion because its less occlusive for rapid collisions (Leviathan / Hullbreaker)
  • Fixed Incendiary Strike applying the global damage multiplier twice
  • Fixed enemy drones (Celestial, Constructor, Host, Seraph) performing on-death actions twice (this was causing Corrosion and Deflagration to spiral out of control)
  • Guardian now keeps track of the Medicharge instance and will replace it if it goes missing unexpectedly
  • OSX: Fixed mouse aim for enemies 2.0

Version 0.31.19: SYZYGY Update

April 12, 2021

A balance update to keep you busy while you wait for the first round of enemy improvements and additions. With this update, we have switched to the new enemy "engine", so there may be some growing pains to iron out.

Minor Features and Improvements

  • Speedrun Mode has been added to the Settings menu! While this is toggled, you'll always see your game time and wave. Additionally, the game will display your splits for each boss you defeat
  • Added additional Steam and GOG scoreboards for Speedrun Mode and a separate one for Wild Metamorphosis Speedrun Mode. Your time for defeating the fifth boss will be recorded. When the final boss has been released, the game will instead use your time for the final boss boss kill. Your scores are still submitted as normal
  • Since we're supporting speedrunning, the game now uses "real time" instead of game time. As a result, your time at game end is accurate regardless of your hardware
  • Comets now shatter on enemies they can't one shot, creating a spray of rock and ice. This helps make comets less swingy on boss fights and more interesting during encounters
  • Added a unique FX and SFX for the player death! The higher your level when you die, the more spectacular it is (up to level 50). The SFX you hear will be a little different, each time, too
  • Added a new setting: Auto deploy Turrets
  • Added a new setting: Auto deploy Mines
  • Added a new BGM Track: "Parallelism"
  • Added a new BGM Track: "Parallelism Freed", the remix to Parallellism, that plays in Wild Metamorphosis
  • BGM Tracks: Zeroed, Recursor, and NoGrav now play in both Wild Metamorphosis and standard as they have no remix
  • Auto deploy will no longer behave differently for Architect. If you do not want architect to auto deploy, you can leave these settings off
  • Constructs will now attempt to avoid impending blasts, such as Celestial bombs
  • "Centering" enemies on screen now works better with various monitor aspect ratios
  • Grenades, Grenade submunitions, and Salvo missiles are no longer removed from the game if you level up while they are present
  • The player won't take damage from enemies or celestial hazards while touching a singularity until 3 seconds after they come out
  • Reroll drops in the Wild Metamorphosis challenge mode are consistent with the reroll penalty at game start, which is 50% fewer rerolls. Previously this rate was reduced, but not consistently
  • Improved the accuracy of measuring various shield radii

Balance and Mechanical Changes

  • Super Mod: Singular Strike has been reworked. New rules: Your weapon behaves as though your projectile count is 1. Your projectile count beyond 1 is fused into your single projectile, strengthening it. Up to 25 projectiles can be fused. +15% damage, size, and blast radius. Each projectile fused adds an additional 50% of its damage to your projectile. Each projectile fused further increases the size and blast radius of your projectile, with diminishing returns. +.1-second rate of fire delay
  • Warp Shield has been reworked, and given updated visuals. The warp destination no longer automatically rotates around you, and is instead forward facing. It has gained a new power: If your shield protects you when it breaks, you will be intangible for .75s while teleporting. In this state, you may steer the position of the destination point around your shield radius
  • Salvo has been reworked. Salvo now stockpiles 4 missiles per .5 second interval. Modifiers to projectile count affect the number of missiles stockpiled per interval while modifiers to rate of fire affect the interval duration. It still has diminishing returns as the stockpile becomes larger. Salvo is considered a 4-base-projectile weapon
  • As a result of the above changes, Salvo begins weaker, but scales much more powerfully from many weapon mods. Also, Salvo always fires 1 missile and ignores burst fire. However, for the purposes of barrage, it still behaves as it previously did
  • Salvo seeking begins to decay after being in existence for too long (this is only noticeable with really, really slow projectiles)
  • Salvo-Loaded Mines now calculate their projectile count based on a stockpile of one second
  • Vortex has been reworked, with the goal of making it easier to use at low levels, and less out of control when pushed to the maximum. Vortex charges faster at small sizes, and has a lower base cost of self-damage. However, to compensate, the self-damage costs scale more exponentially with the size of the vortex. You may need to release your Vortex sooner at very high sizes!
  • Vortex scaling has been made generally more sensible and consistent under the hood. Singular Strike now applies its size bonus during the charge rather than on release
  • Vortex has been given new visuals that are less blinding and occlusive. Also, the Vortex is held slightly farther away from the player so you are less likely to collide with your target
  • 18 -> 12 base projectile count for Flak. Flak has gained a new power: Doubles added projectiles gained from upgrades. Slightly reduced Flak spread and projectile size
  • Made Grenade's cluster count less prolific at high size modifiers. Shouldn't affect much at low values
  • Blade used to deal "area" damage if it was in contact with a target. Blade now does this all the time, making it more reliable and generally more destructive, especially at larger sizes. Its area hitbox has been made more accurate
  • Blades have a new hidden ability: They now take -50% less total damage from all sources (except self-damage)
  • 1.75s -> 1.5s Blade assembly time
  • Blades no longer trigger so much player self-damage from mods that scale with your rate of fire
  • Overseer will now only add additional blades from base construct count and added constructs, not from projectile mods
  • 180 -> 220 base damage for Pulse
  • Pulse projectiles now work with all projectile mods!
  • 50% -> 35% Pulse base damage for Pulse shards
  • Thermal Lance base beam damage has been increased by 15%
  • Cloak rate for Spectre is now 1% faster per your level
  • +200% -> +250% cloak max stealth bonus
  • Shockwave shield small pulses have a 22% longer delay between pulses. Shockwave shield now only releases its large shockwave on shield reset if the shield has broken
  • Orbital Shield now gains less magnitude based on how much magnitude it already has, resulting in a soft cap on size and damage. To compensate, the base magnitude gain from damage has been increased ~21%. (Orbital was reaching potentially screen-sized sizes, shutting down enemies completely)
  • Firefly thruster size now also scales with sources of "total" thrust, such as Amp and Ataraxia
  • 25% -> 15% Firefly self-damage resistance
  • 25% -> 15% Firefly crash damage resistance (Firefly was already the whole package with no drawbacks on top of being capable of massive area burn damage)
  • Body power multipliers now affect Battery projectile size modifier
  • 600% -> 400% for Leviathan max crash damage bonus
  • Banishing any Wild Mod using the Research body gear now costs 2 rerolls, however Research now gains its defensive buff for spending rerolls by banishing, not for the amount of mods banished. (Research has become a staple of truly busted Wild Metamorphosis builds to the point of becoming practically mandatory in the highest scoring builds. Something had to be done)
  • Overseer has been reworked. It now provides +1 to advanced constructs instead of doubling them. It still doubles basic and standard construct assembly limits. Overseer's assembly speed buff has been increased 1% to 2% to match its thrust malus. (Overseer's explosive power when combined with Engineer was negatively impacting game balance. Without making this change, advanced constructs would need to be made weaker, which negatively impacts all other ship bodies). As a result of this change, some constructs have been adjusted to help compensate for the loss of power to Engineer via Overseer:
  • 30 -> 25 second assembly time for Allies
  • 35 -> 30 second assembly time for Turrets
  • 125 -> 150 hull for Turrets
  • 25 -> 30 damage for Drones
  • .04% -> .05% assembly speed per your level for Elegant Construction
  • -30% -> -40% drone rate of fire for Rocket Drones
  • +25% -> +60% damage for Rocket Drones
  • +30% -> +40% drone hull for Reinforced Drones
  • Weapon movement and turn rate modifiers now apply to Interceptor Ally
  • Interceptor Allies will not fire a number of Blade Drones exceeding your Blade assembly limit
  • Barrage will now only scale additional projectiles for Blades from projectile modifiers, not construct assembly limit modifiers
  • Splinter Shot projectile count has been made less prolific at very high size values
  • Super Mod: Tempest Break now requires Deadly Wake and Flash Shielding instead of Streamline and Flash Shielding. (Shieldbreaker builds couldn't afford to be this fragile)
  • +8 -> +10 base damage for Super Mod: Barrage, which now grants base damage instead of flat damage
  • 25% -> 30% maximum hull or shields converted for Conversion
  • Siege Weaponry now works with Charged Shot, Thermal Lance, and Vortex. This applies self-damage continuously while charging, and the rate of fire multiplier from Siege-Weaponry applies to the charge rate
  • Siege Weaponry + Charged Shot now boosts Salvo stockpile rate while charging
  • Siege Weaponry + Interceptor Ally now applies construct fire rate multiplier
  • Weapon total thrust while firing malus are now multiplicative with each other. Base maluses of this type have been adjusted: Thermal Lance, Torrent, and Vortex -35% -> -30%
  • -90% -> -80% total thrust while firing for Siege Weaponry. Siege Weaponry's ramping self damage has been made less severe
  • Charged Shot minimum bonus value is now +0%, instead of +15%
  • -80% -> -90% for Calibrate max spread reduction
  • Splinter shot velocity now has a floor. This helps things like Blade bursts stay relevant when the projectile is at the apex of boomeranging
  • Rare Wild Mod: Twin Strike spread reduction is now a "total" modifier to your spread
  • -15% -> -10% for rare Wild Mod: Twin Strike total spread modifier
  • -5% -> -7% for rare Wild Mod: Twin Strike cooldown and recovery
  • +10% -> +7% weapon damage and projectile size for Heavy Caliber
  • -10% -> -7% weapon velocity for Heavy Caliber
  • Wild Mod: Maelstrom scaling has been adjusted similarly to how Orbital Shield was
  • Wild Mod: Scorching Wake fireballs now offset more the more you have, causing them to be less clumped-up
  • Wild Mod: Solar Heart has been made more impactful. It's bonuses have been doubled and it's malus has been more than doubled
  • +50% -> +40% global damage for Hidden Power (This massive bonus was from an older time, where there were fewer ways to deal "secondary damage")
  • Firing Array has been reworked. New Rules: +15% total projectile damage and blast radius for your central projectile. Other projectiles also receive adjustments to projectile damage and blast radius, incrementally decreasing to 0% for your outermost projectiles. +30% total projectile size for your central projectile. Your other projectiles also receive adjustments to projectile size, incrementally decreasing to -30% for your outermost projectiles
  • Gemini Protocol now works for shielded constructs
  • Rare Wild Mod: Obsession has been reworked. It now only applies the malus for recursive mods added by Obsession, not for your total Wild Mods owned. As a result, the malus has been increased from 1 % to 3% of your total hull and shields
  • Wild Mod: Spontaneous Generation no longer self-destructs Architect's constructs.
  • +3% -> +2% maximum hull and shields for Wild Mod: Rampage
  • Hull threshold triggers have been reworked. This affects Retribution and Outrage Module. They now trigger based on the original damage dealt, and not the damage taken. Since this is more damage, the trigger threshold has been increased from 10% to 15% of your maximum hull (This change was primarily made so that "Minebreaker" builds could work again, now that Retribution has limitations)
  • Armor stack quantity gained by taking damage has been reduced by 37.5%. To compensate, Rebuke damage has been increased 60%. (Adaptive Armor was insane value for one point, and pretty much a mandate for any very high scoring build. It still provides a lot of defense when needed, but it's now more in line with other defensive mods)
  • Self damage "hits" no longer always give at least one armor stack, but Self-damage now generates armor stacks at a more favorable rate. 50% -> 75% efficiency
  • 35 -> 40 base hull from Rapid Reconstruction
  • +80% -> +100% regeneration from Rapid Reconstruction
  • 25 -> 100 damage for Blink (This change was primarily made so that the Super Mod: Displacement deals more relevant damage
  • Super Mod: Burnout Reactors +  Gemini Protocol now behaves as you'd expect
  • Each type of damage resistance is now additive with other sources of the same type instead of either additive or multiplicative. Fixed several inconsistencies with how damage resistance is calculated
  • Stacking burn damage from enemy orbs, especially from Seraph, takes longer to ramp up to its full damage, starting from 0. This effect has been applied to enemy deadly wakes, as well. My hope is that these are less of a hard counter to Leviathan as a result, as well as making Seraph and Spitfire less of an "insta-kill" at very high waves
  • Regeneration and shield cooldown no longer occurs if the player is invulnerable (except during Emergency Systems)
  • Made knockback from the player less extreme at high values

Localization Changes

  • For strings that were changed this update, and new strings moving forward, tool-tip numbers now reflect in-game variables. This means that changes which only affect numbers will not require re-translation
  • Improved dozens of upgrade descriptions

Fixes & Under the Hood

  • Removed the requirement that you first orb come from an enemy if you're skipping waves using the Danger Zone challenge mod
  • Previously, "flat" damage and "base" damage behaved inconsistently, scaling from some things they should not, in order of operations different than what you'd expect. This has been corrected. All instances of flat damage are now base damage, and base damage is simply added to the weapon base damage before modifiers. This affects: Wild Mod: Solar Heart, Super Mod: Antimatter Rounds, and Super Mod: Barrage
  • Fixed some hitboxes that were slowly and invisibly rotating, causing some unintended behavior
  • Fixed Corrosion's wildly inaccurate tool tip damage
  • Rewrote Bastion code to try to be less of an error-prone special snowflake
  • Windowed Mode: For window sizes that fit vertically but not horizontally, we now clamp the width to the maximum and allow it to be used
  • Leviathan tries harder to keep its segments together
  • Leviathan, at extreme sizes, now doesn't show its seams while wrapping
  • Crates outside the edge of the screen are allowed to generate loot normally when destroyed
  • Charged Mines now correctly reduces your mine assembly limit, as it claims it does
  • Fixed Constructs using Siege Weaponry automatically having Saturation Fire
  • Fixed reflected projectiles not getting handled properly in a few places
  • Fixed recoil resistance not affecting player recoil from Heavy Caliber
  • Fixed Calibrate applying in a few cases it shouldn't have
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with Blade assembly limit being misreported
  • Fixed Turret Specialist not reducing Turret self-damage
  • Fixed the Construct Swarm rate of fire boost only applying to a single advanced Swarm Construct
  • Fixed Venom Strike not scaling with body power multipliers
  • Warp Strike now wraps wider, allowing the weapon to hit off-screen enemies more reliably
  • Railgun and crash damage now can't reach quite such extreme values of screen shake and has a cap
  • Fixed a silly bug where one half of Eclipse chassis had their rarity bonuses applied twice, and the other had none
  • Fixed the possibility of Retribution occurring if you can't assemble and deploy constructs
  • Fixed some strange scaling with some blast radii
  • Fixed several cases where weird things could apply Essense Sap
  • Fixed Hives being trapped off-screen
  • Dart projectiles now disable wrapping and destroy-outside behavior while lodged in something
  • Made the knockback modifier from Polar Inversion work on a case by case basis so things like enemy recoil and comets aren't affected
  • Things that worked in a circular range have been made more accurate, using real pixel values
  • Included some missing Simplified Chinese characters
  • Wild Mod: Winnow can no longer banish THE VOID and does not grant rerolls or size reduction for them

What's Next?

With this update complete, we are now prepared to focus fully on the "Enemies 2.0" updates we discussed earlier. To be released over many small incremental updates, Enemies 2.0 will bring new enemies, fresh enemy behaviors and formations, enemy support roles, alternate bosses, new power ups, secrets, and reworks to existing enemy content, both mechanical and visual. It's a Nova Drift renaissance!

Version 0.30.1 Azimuth Update

November 12, 2020

Over the last few months, we've been working on the exciting tech needed for Enemies 2.0, which includes enemy behaviors and formations. While the tech is finished, we haven't had the time to implement it yet. This will be a big design challenge, and any change to enemies this large is certain to incur a lot of rebalance needs. Additionally, it'd be nice to have new enemies and bosses ready to take full advantage of the tech. For these reasons, this will be included in a later update. That said, there are plenty of improvements in this update that are ready for you:

Major Features

  • Added localization for Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Polish!
  • Certain advanced enemies can now enter the battlefield via a spooky portal
  • Certain enemies now enter the battlefield via emerging from the background (The intention with these two new entrances is to reduce the instances where deaths occur by being blitzed off-screen)
  • Overhauled Celestial enemies, making them more visually interesting and intimidating. Additionally, variety has been added to their attack patterns, especially for champion Celestials. All  rarities' "celestial fireball" attacks will alternate between two patterns, and champion "bomb fiestas" are no longer full-screen random and are instead selected from 4 different bomb patterns. The intention with this overhaul is not necessarily to make Celestials easier, but to give you time to react to their appearance, easily recognize them as a dangerous foe, and prioritize accordingly.
  • If you have Charged Shot, Siege Weaponry and/or Saturation Fire, Allies with Integrated Weaponry will use them
  • The BGM track "Fire in Zero Gravity", found in non-Wild playthroughs, has been replaced by a new BGM track, "Nograv"

Minor Features

  • You can now rebind the "Banish" ability, gained from the Research body gear
  • Enemy entry speed no longer scales with wave speed or temporal effects, preventing enemies from blitzing you at incredible speeds at high waves, while also maintaining intended enemy positions
  • Improved radial and spiral spawns to better match the shape of your screen

Improvements & Balance

  • Grandeur was enabling players to reach level 100, and so has been nerfed and rebalanced. Most notably, Grandeur now has a small malus to rotation speed
  • The bulk of Strafe's thrust power now scales with modifiers to thrust, added to a very slight base value
  • Improve Ally, Drone, and Swarm edge behavior. They now wrap at the edges of the screen like the player does
  • Orbital shield orbs now screen wrap per-orb
  • Allies with the Interceptor mod no longer love to spend time off-screen
  • Construct formations properly handle per-construct wrapping
  • Constructs above the limit will now be destroyed after changing body gear
  • Newly-added drones now slot into position neatly
  • Projectiles reflected by reflect shield now propagate their allegiance to "child" projectiles
  • Leviathan's hidden ability to resist sitting in burn damage over time (up to an additional -50% total) now ramps up more quickly
  • Siege Weaponry now deals ~15% less base damage to the player
  • Barrage malus and randomization now applies to Loaded Mines, in addition to giving the added projectiles

Cosmetic Changes

  • Added about a dozen new instances of rainbow cycling for the BOOST power up
  • Made various visual improvements to rainbow cycling effects

Fixes & Under the Hood

  • Fixed Railgun's hitbox rotating, making the weapon more accurate while sniping
  • Similarly fixed the hitboxes for Blade Splinters and Blaster blasts
  • Fixed Death Blossom granting zero spread for its duration
  • Fixed orbital shield getting too many orbs orbs when it reset before the previous orbs expired
  • Non-player-launched Blade projectiles now don't accumulate Orbital orb size
  • Swarm constructs no longer try to defend while the player is not in control or is invulnerable, also preventing off-screen "snapping"
  • Bastion shield code has been standardized, making it far less of a special, volatile snowflake
  • Created a better, more modular standard for enemies, to be utilized with the upcoming behaviors and new enemies moving forward
  • Projectiles reflected by Reflect shield now have a speed cap, based on their hitbox size, that prevents them from "skipping" their target
  • Made further changes to help prevent Leviathan by being "yeeted" by Minelayer shields
  • Fixed a bug where Bastion Shield protecting Blades would assemble even if the assembly limit was reached
  • Fixed a bug where Saturation Fire was dealing more damage to the player than intended

Version 0.29.8 - OUROBOROS Update

September 28, 2020

A good deal of progress has been made for the first wave of Enemies 2.0, but it isn't ready yet. Please enjoy this content & quality of life update, while focus fully shifts to enemies 2.0.

Major Features

  • Added a new Body Gear: Leviathan (Nova Drift's most requested feature!)
  • Major rework: Helix Shield has been replaced with Orbital Shield, and has been given entirely new mechanics and visuals (Nova Drift's second most requested feature!)
  • Rework: Assault Body has been granted new power: There is an 8% chance for weapons fired by you to be "empowered", greatly increasing the stats of the attack. As with all unique body powers, certain mods can scale this power
  • Rework: Assault Body now resists mobility-reducing effects from weaponry by 15%
  • You gain additional gear choices at account level 25 and 50, to a maximum of 7. This means that with 7 choices, it will never cost more than 1 reroll to get the gear you want
  • Added the above "Empower" mechanic to a few Wild Mods: Outrage Module & Phantom Strike. More mods will gain this keyword later
  • Added a new BGM, "Recursor", to both Standard and Wild Metamorphosis modes
  • Added the game credits to the main menu. If I missed anyone, please don't hesitate to mention it

Wild Metamorphosis Adjusments

  • Added a new Wild Mod: Evolutionary Niche
  • Added a new Wild Mod: Grandeur
  • Added a new Wild Mod: Maelstrom
  • Added a new Wild Mod: Quantum Decoherence
  • Added a new Wild Mod: Spontaneous Generation
  • Rare Wild Mods are now slightly more common (1 in 4 -> 1 in 3.5)
  • If Chaotic Ambition increases your maximum Wild Mods per level by more than 7 it will begin to increase your minimum Wild Mods per level instead
  • Transmogrification now grants +1 level
  • Obsession penalties -1.25% / level -> -1% / level
  • Phantom Strike is now an empowered attack
  • Outrage Module is now an empowered attack

Improvements & Balance

  • Research hull 90 -> 85
  • Research shields -10% -> -15%
  • Research can no longer banish THE VOID (Void banishes you)
  • Research must now pay 2 rerolls in order to banish a rare Wild Mod
  • Rare Wild Mods now say "RARE" in their titles
  • Added shake and sound feedback for failing a Banish
  • 110 -> 115 shields for Reflect Shield
  • There is now a hard level cap of 100. If you manage to somehow reach this, we've got a problem, please report it
  • Homing projectiles now seek enemies and targets equally
  • You can now toggle healing numbers in settings for you and your constructs, off by default
  • You can now toggle self-damage numbers in settings for you and your constructs, off by default
  • Drones now spread out their firing sequence evenly
  • If you have an old corrupted save file, the game will attempt to fix it
  • Experience orbs now scatter a bit from enemies
  • Experience orb probabilities change as waves progress, resulting in less but more valuable orbs for the same value. This reduces visual clutter
  • Increased base exp needed per level a touch. This only really impacts the first dozen waves or so
  • Increasing your level by a mod no longer affects the EXP curve at all. You will be treated as though you are your base level
  • Added a border and some breathing room to owned mod displays
  • Retribution gained a new rule: If Retribution causes your mines to exceed your mine construct limit, an existing mine is detonated
  • Charged Mines gained a new rule: -1 to mine construct limit
  • Antimatter Rounds is now stronger but only affects weapons fired by you. This change was made because it enabled insane shenanigans with mines, especially when charged. Additionally, the game could use more incentives for self-firing builds
  • Since it is now possible to achieve +50%, or even +100%, for unique body powers, Engineer's added construct limits now respects this modifier (rounded down)
  • Courser & Battery now scale their added projectiles with modifiers to body unique powers (rounded down)
  • Warp Strike total damage -35% -> -30%
  • Homing Strike has been given a more informative description
  • Homing Strike total projectile damage -80% -> -70%
  • Homing Strike total blast, velocity & size modifiers -70% -> -60%
  • Homing Strike grace degeneration time extended from .6667 -> 1 seconds
  • Changed how targeting affects various weapons. Most notably, very fast projectiles are now better at targeting
  • Modifiers to thrust now have a minimum value of 0%
  • Rampage now scales with modifiers to thrust, and the text has been changed to "You gain constant added thrust power"
  • The pause menu now reports your size modifier
  • The pause menu now reports your plating

Construct Improvements:

  • Interceptor allies with Salvo now build up stockpile count and fire a spray of missiles of at least 10
  • Improved construct targeting behavior, especially for Guardian Allies:
  • Guardian targets the objects closest to the player
  • Guardian tries to stay between the player and its combat target
  • Turret with Counter-Artillery tries to shoot down projectiles heading toward the player
  • Construct aiming rotation now has more damping so they don't overshoot
  • Swarm Constructs now deal 6 -> 7 damage
  • Swarm Constructs cap their firing range at 240 units so they don't fire out of range
  • Swarm Construct attack scaling based on their target's distance is now more likely to hit
  • Swarm Constructs consider the average of sprite width and height for the purpose of range, instead of the larger
  • Swarm Constructs are allowed to clump up a bit closer
  • Swarm Construct target range is now slightly shorter

Enemy Changes

  • Triangle mines, from Pulsars, now spray projectiles 3 at a time with wider spacing (Because triangles)
  • Enemy serpents use degrees for sinusoidal movement and reduce sinusoidal movement when near a screen edge to avoid leaving the screen. If they do leave the screen, they now wrap
  • Bolt-Throwers linger a bit longer after firing
  • Interceptor Champion charge speed ramps up more slowly, and they spend more time "charging". They drop mines less frequently for longer. As a result, mines are dropped farther apart, and you have more time to react to the charge
  • Saucers now require wave 10 to be elite and wave 15 to be champion
  • Saucers now screen-wrap more tightly
  • Spitfire grants you an extra half-second to react to its arrival and deal with other waves before charging its orb
  • Saucers give +25% orbs


  • Fixed a silly bug where enemy knockback would apply twice from collisions, resulting in about +25% more effective knockback from all crashes than intended (I'm so sorry)
  • Interceptor Ally aim now takes firing direction modifier from Propulsive Munitions into account
  • Fixed a crash with Ally
  • Overseer's movement penalty now works properly
  • Blades created by allies can no longer take blast or beam damage to their non-existent shields
  • Made global damage calculations more sensible
  • Fixed a bug where Scion wouldn't drop its rewards
  • Fixed a bug where Settings would become stuck if you tried to go to the online leaderboards, but they aren't available on that game version
  • Having both Overseer, a construct that can use your weapon, and Rapid Reconstruction no longer results in no Weapon Gear being offered
  • Removed an exploit where you could enable Mayhem mode and disable the other modes by editing your save file
  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain effects and objects to be deleted if you pause while the player is in a black hole
  • Various performance optimizations

Version 0.28.12

Updated May 25, 2020

Please note: Due to the settings overhaul, you may need to rebind your custom controls.
The next major update will focus on sweeping changes to enemies and waves, improvements to Wild Metamorphosis, and improved game balance!

Major Features

  • Added French, Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese localization, which you can toggle between in the Settings menu. The game will attempt to detect your OS language settings and otherwise default to English
  • Added a menu to the pause screen. You can now resume, quit, change your settings, or view Super Mod requirements during a game. The pause menu has also been improved, displaying more stats about your build. Quitting from the pause menu now requires a confirmation
  • Overhauled the Settings menu
  • "Mouse Mode" and "Keyboard Mode" have been consolidated into one mode. Both always work. The toggle for WASD or Arrow Keys has been removed, but you can reset to the defaults for either one in the customization menu. You can now assign two bindings to both thrust and fire, which accepts mouse or keyboard inputs. If you were previously using Mouse Mode, or Customized Mouse Mode, you may need to rebind your custom controls
  • Updated Gamepad and Keyboard / Mouse customization menus to be more intuitive and consistent
  • You can now choose which gamepad stick is used for steering, which works with all 3 aim styles
  • If you are already using directional aiming, it will default to the right stick, and otherwise default to the left stick
  • Gamepad Stabilize is now PRESSING the stick, because down doesn't make sense for the directional aim setting
  • Gamepad can now rebind Stabilize
  • There are now multiple toggles for windowed resolution. The game will also accept any resolutions that you manually input into your save file
  • Rewrote Nova Drift's system for handling audio. Music, SFX, and global volume can now all be adjusted separately from settings
  • The Challenge Modes you used are now displayed on your High Score list! However, this addition isn't retroactive for old scores
  • Added new BGM: the Infinitum remix, Infinitum (Genesis), now plays in Wild Metamorphosis


  • Removed the delay when switching from mouse aim to keyboard/gamepad aim
  • Reduced the delay when switching from keyboard/gamepad aim to mouse aim (This delay exists so that accidentally brushing your trackpad or mouse doesn't interfere with keyboard controls)
  • More mouse buttons are now supported for customization
  • Whenever avoidable, text is no longer used in tutorials to increase the ease of localization
  • Collapsed a few tutorials into one
  • Framed tutorial buttons now have a few discrete sizes to make localization easier (There is a known bug with this where the button is larger than needed)
  • Added hue cycle offsets to Super Mods
  • Reworked sound effects for huge explosions, large explosions, Torrent, Saucer enemy shots, and several EMP blast sfx
  • Barrage variants have been added for Blade, Torrent, and Dart
  • Addes SFX for Champion Beamcasters

Game Balance

  • Salvo can no longer stockpile while your weapon is on cooldown, but the base damage has been increased 60 -> 90
  • Salvo now unloads your stockpile faster for each stock you have remaining
  • Salvo's diminishing returns for high levels of stock are now more favorable
  • Thermal Lance base damage has been increased by 10%
  • Charged Shot now properly considers Rancor if benefiting from extra projectiles from Charged Shot
  • Constructs pursuing targets do so faster and more efficiently. This is especially meaningful for Swarm Constructs


  • Fixed a bug where Singular Strike always considered you having one more pre-existing projectile than it should (so it does 10% more total damage now)
  • Added a very small cooldown to Player wrapping, to prevent a bug where Singularities could cause you to wrap dozens of times per second
  • Fixed Viper's burn duration not applying to Incendiary Strike
  • Fixed Incendiary Strike not benefiting properly by increased Burn Duration
  • Warden plasma shots generate smaller "splinters" after being degraded by Counter-Artillery
  • Optimized trail performance
  • Optimized construct performance

Version 0.27.20

Updated April 29, 2020

A great deal of this month's work is not featured in this update, as it is part of a larger update coming in May, focusing on menu overhauls, better settings, quality of life, controls, and localization. Thank you for your patience! But, hey, we obliterated the bug queue!

Visibility, Features, and QoL

  • Started improving the pause menu. It has a bit more info, and it is partially dynamic to your loadout
  • Asteroids now have a slight outline to differentiate them more from the background
  • Added a finder circle and a finder pointer for when you're near the edges of the screen
  • Grenade explosion artwork has been made less occlusive
  • Salvo explosion effects have been made smaller (the blast radius is the same)
  • When you screen wrap, the pulsing effect now moves with you, making the player object easier to locate
  • The volume and pitch of the crash sfx now changes depending on how hard you are knocked back
  • Added some pitch randomization to a few other sfx to try it out
  • More fonts are now retina friendly. All fonts now scale at 50% for non-retina to reduce distortion
  • Enemy missiles no longer screen flash if fired rapidly
  • Firing direction no longer modifies your forward-facing aim scope

Enemy and Wave Balance

  • Made the wave speed modifier from Danger Zone and Mayhem a little less crazy compared to the previous adjustment
  • Added considerably more wave time padding for early waves, before wave 30 (was 20), up to 8 seconds
  • Enemies now start becoming stronger at wave 100 instead of 120
  • Reduced the scaling value, and the maximum value, of enemy knockback dealt to the player based on their hull
  • Serpent Elites fire their spines a little less frequently
  • Serpent Elites won't appear in the wild before wave 25 now, up from 20
  • Wardens and Interceptors now allow a little more time to defeat them
  • Pulsars now chase you somewhat less quickly
  • Normal and elite Pulsar shots have a little less targeting
  • Spitfires now won't introduce more Pulsars if there are already 2 or more
  • Spitfire is a little harder to trick into not firing, now
  • Eclipse champions won't spawn randomly before wave 45 (was 40)
  • Eclipse shield retaliation cooldown 2 frames -> 3 frames
  • Small asteroids now push less hard
  • Small asteroids are more likely to contain orbs
  • Small Asteroids deal 10 -> 5 damage

Game Balance

  • Grenade's knockback has been halved, making it easier to hit with clusters
  • Grenade base damage: 75 -> 85
  • Salvo base damage: 50 -> 60
  • Salvo's stockpile rate from projectile count now works consistently with other sources of rate of fire, and also has been improved from 5% -> 15% per projectile (If you go this route, I recommend Convergence over Fusillade)
  • A previous buff to Salvo's stockpile diminishing returns was accidentally a nerf. I have inverted this and buffed it further
  • Barrage now properly affects projectile count for the purposes of Loaded Mines (with all projectile-based weapons) and Stockpile
  • Mine hull 30 -> 25
  • Charged Mines now prevents mines from using a trigger radius. They will still detonate on impact (This is a huge buff for this mod in most set ups)
  • Mine trigger radius decreased by 25%
  • Loaded mines now take 2 -> 4 damage for innately charging weapons
  • Swarm Construct damage 5 -> 6
  • Interceptor Ally now uses a larger cone angle for targeting integrated weaponry. It is now more likely to start charging Vortex, more likely to start or keep firing Thermal Lance, and more likely to fire other weapons near enemies
  • Vortex base damage 4 -> 3.4 (-15% base damage)
  • Loaded Mines last rule has been modified: "For weapons that charge innately, your mines charge your weapon at 75% of your charge rate. Additionally, they constantly take 4 damage /s and pay +100% charge costs" (Note that Thermal Lance does not have a "charge cost", only Vortex does)
  • Mine effect, for innately charging weapons, has been made consistent with other forms of charge rate scaling instead of being multiplicative

Explanation: Vortex is most fun when it has a high risk vs reward element. Recent changes to its scaling allowed it to become monstrous without ever really putting you at much risk, due to increased levels of crowd control and charge rate. This reduction in damage will require that you spend longer charging and taking damage to reach those huge damage numbers from huge vortexes. As for the mine changes, Architect was on another level, with Vortex Mines being substantially better than any other kind of mine (or maybe even any other Architect choice). This was because of both mine hull being disposable, unlike the hull of the player or allies, as well as some explosive scaling with Architect's mine effect. Combined, these changes affect Vortex considerably, and Thermal Lance mines only a little.


  • Fixed Adrenal Module setting a value where it should be adding a value, overwriting the global damage gained from Masochism
  • Homing Strike now works properly with Burst Fire for Allies
  • Construct formations no longer flip out if the player teleports or is schlorped into a singularity
  • The finder no longer activates if the player does the above
  • Fixed some description formatting
  • Gemini + Shielded Drones + Discharge now properly ignores Gemini
  • Architect charging a blade doesn't detonate other constructs until it actually fires
  • Prevented the Ludicrous Speed achievement from being earned in debug mode
  • Phantom Strike and Outrage module now work with Homing Strike
  • Fixed a crash with Outrage module
  • Square Drift no longer crashes (perfectly square aspect ratios)
  • Grenades with Hyperboost are now less occlusive
  • Fixed Grenade's damage being misreported
  • Gemini Protocol now indicates that your shield must protect you, as was the case
  • Allies using Thermal Lance no longer discontinue the charge if a valid target exists
  • Ally burst fire homing strike no longer breaks projectile count
  • Halo + Gemini no longer works with Shielded Constructs, as intended
  • Prevented Bastion + Architect from detonating mines when it is assembled but not deployed (using Shielded Constructs)
  • Fixed Shockwave not creating a shockwave when your shield cooldown completes, but your shield capacity is full
  • Fixed Echo Strike misreporting that it hits twice
  • Fixed Carrier text colors
  • Blade now informs you that its construct limit is equal to your projectile count
  • Fixed Shockwave depth sorting
  • Stabilize now works while thrusting if Thrust and Up are bound to the same input
  • Defensive Drones prioritize hazards in Orbit formation
  • Orbit and Rampart formations prefer targets in the direction they're facing
  • Vortex charge and Thermal Lance beam now take directional offset from Propulsive Munitions into account
  • Antimatter Rounds proced with Salvo's stockpile now divides its added self-damage by your burst fire count, preventing unintentional massive self-damage from burst fire
  • Antimatter rounds with Salvo's Stockpile was additionally being applied a second time at a value far greater than intended. This has been removed
  • Clamped Bastion Shield's sprite index to prevent a crash when it gets too high
  • Prevented a crash involving enemy beam charges being unable to find their leader (when its cleaned up for being off-screen for too long)
  • Prevented Sanctuary from (improperly) working with Shielded Constructs
  • Fixed cases of Gemini Protocol (improperly) working with Bastion Shield when you have Shielded Constructs
  • Fixed some cases of Bastion using base damage instead of current damage to trigger hull-threshold-based mods
  • Prevented hull-damage-threshold-triggered mods (that they themselves trigger self-damage) from overwriting the original hull damage you were intended to take (?!)
  • Siege Weaponry self-damage now reports in the combat log
  • Outrage Module trigger now reports in the proper place in the combat log
  • Architect now properly triggers detonate on your constructs when a blade is produced by Phantom Strike or Outrage Module
  • The pause menu now properly reports ignite duration modifiers from body gear
  • The singularity doesn't blot out the pause menu anymore
  • The singularity doesn't draw in front of the darkness anymore
  • Fixed excessive Volatile Shield / Tempest Break with Blade + Bastion + Shielded Constructs + Burnout Reactors
  • Blade + Burst Fire + Courser / Battery can no longer cheat blade count and fire extra projectiles
  • Blades with Shielded Constructs no longer do less damage after taking damage
  • Visual Warp Shield radius now works with shield radius modifiers
  • Essense Sap can no longer leech from Asteroids and such using Force Armor's blast
  • Thermal Lance beam now resets its color after Hyperboost ends
  • The Blink reticle no longer disappears if you pause during a blink
  • Champion Juggernaut displays its hull bar
  • Fixed cargo train box hull bars
  • Hidden Power now prevents Mortar
  • Rancor charge slow down no longer persists with Mortar
  • Swarm Constructs will now attack Eclipses properly. When targeting, they have more accurate ranging (it was using square hitboxes, so oddly shaped enemies were an issue)

Version 0.27.11 GENESIS Update

Updated March 20, 2020

Please note that the new gear in this update is available to all players, regardless of account level, despite their relative complexity. The new super mods are available as soon as the first super mod is unlocked.

We'd like people to immediately begin testing them, but it won't remain this way. The next major update will likely comprehensively overhaul which upgrades are unlocked when.

New Features:

  • Weapon gear, Thermal Lance has been added to the game!
  • Shield gear, Shockwave has been added to the game!
  • Body gear, Carrier has arrived!
  • Added a new super mod: Mortar
  • Added a new super mod: Charged Mines
  • The mine tree has been reworked and mines have been adjusted
  • Auto Mines has been replaced by a new mod: Minefield
  • Loaded Mines and Retribution have switched places
  • Two new BGM tracks have been added to the game: Superlumen (and its Wild Metamorphosis remix, Superlumen (Warped)), and Infinitum
  • Large or dangerous enemies are now announced with a HUD warning, similar to what comets use. This feature will be further iterated on in the future as enemies 2.0 progresses
  • Allies that can fire your weapon can now utilize innately charging weapons (Vortex and Thermal Lance)
  • Mines that can fire your weapon can now utilize innately charging weapons (Vortex and Thermal Lance) while deployed

Mechanical Changes:

  • Vortex uses new, more sensible logic to calculate its damage and charge rate
  • Vortex charge rate now additionally scales with weapon blast radius mods
  • Power Reserves now reduces the malus from turn rate penalties (presently only Thermal Lance while firing)
  • Rancor now works differently. Instead of the increased charge level gained being permanent, it now falls off over time. The charge level gained is ~5x greater than before
  • Retribution now has a 0.5-second internal cooldown
  • Mines now have a shorter fuse, which no longer resets when you upgrade
  • Mines check their proximity detonation more often
  • Architect now detonates all constructs if there are more than one when you switch to it
  • Blades not produced by the player no longer screen-wrap
  • Firefly + Rampage now combos as you'd expect
  • Mayhem and Danger Zone have been adjusted, along with small aspects of the difficulty curve. The first 20 waves grant additional, but decrementing, bonus time per wave instead of only the first 10 waves. Danger Zone now affects wave speed by a factor of 0.65 again, down from 0.70. As a result, Mayhem is fast and more hardcore again, but the very early waves are a little less overwhelming

Balance Adjustments

  • Drones in Predator formation move 33.33% faster than they previously did
  • -5% -> -7% recovery and shield cooldown on Twin Strike
  • +70% -> +80% regeneration rate on Rapid Reconstruction
  • +30 -> +35 base hull on Rapid Reconstruction
  • +15% -> +10% hull damage resistance on Shielded Constructs
  • Galvanic Outburst does considerably less damage
  • Pulsar's blast attack now has far less knockback
  • Temporal Shield's effect has been made ~11% stronger

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Fixed a case where Gemini + Absorption actually creates lethal damage with shields up by splitting a damage value less than 0 and then increasing it to 1
  • Made many major improvements to game terminology and text descriptions
  • Streamlined the player upgrade script and removed a lot of redundancies
  • Blades now use "dynamic trails" which is far more performant, especially in extreme cases
  • Medicharge takes Hypermetabolism-reserved shield and hull into account
  • Fixed a crash with Priority Zero
  • Vortex + Gemini now properly soft-triggers shield cooldown
  • Having no weapon now prevents any mobility-reducing effects from your weaponry
  • Fixed a problem where shielded constructs would be counted at the wrong moment
  • Temporal shield now properly slows Pulsar enemy dashes
  • Fixed many instances of things apply Corrosion but shouldn't. Player constructs, their abilities, and even some enemies self-inflicting
  • Fixed some cases where Corrosion would last forever
  • Fixed a mistake with how mine projectiles / Thermal Lance mines are calculated. You should see a smooth progression of projectiles, thermal lances, or pulses as your rate of fire and mine effect increases

Version 0.26.12 APEX Update

Updated February 3, 2020

Major Changes: Turret

  • Turret has been given its own mod tree and removed from its original
  • Turret has been given new visuals, sfx, and effects
  • Added 3 mods to the Turret tree: Point Defense, War Machine, and Counter Artillery
  • The turret T2 mods scale with your level, so the turret has quite a high power ceiling. Its new incarnation is designed to be stronger with less up-time, making it a construct you want to deploy tactically. To that end, its assembly time has been made longer
  • Created a new mod to replace Turret in its old tree: Priority Zero
  • Turrets can now be pushed around a little by the player

Major Changes: Allies

  • Allies and their evolutionary trees have been retooled to give them earlier utility, more meaningful mods, more individual identity, and better interaction with construct super mods
  • The Ally tree has been altered: The Ally mod, Double Team, has been removed from the game and Evasion has taken its place. Evasion was previously found in the Interceptor Tree
  • The Interceptor Tree has been reworked. Integrated Weaponry, previously a T3 mod, is now included in the T1 mod, Interceptor. Interceptor has also been reworked
  • Ranger has been removed from the game. The Ranger functionality is now innate to Interceptors. Flak, Torrent, and especially Pulse have closer ideal ranges, modified by either your blast radius or velocity, depending
  • Outmaneuver has been added to the game to replace where Evasion previously was
  • Wingman has been added to the game to replace where Ranger previously was
  • Overpower has been added to the game to replace where Integrated Weaponry previously was
  • The Guardian tree has been reworked. Service, previously a T3 mod, is now included in the T1 mod, Guardian. Guardian has also been reworked
  • Echo Strike has been reworked
  • Decoy has been reworked
  • Medi-Charge has been added to the game to replace where Service previously was. Note: Medi-Charges produced by the guardian count as power-ups for the purpose of the Research gear's ability
  • Allies and their evolutions now have their own projectiles and firing patterns
  • Ally Specialist has been reworked. It no longer adds additional assembly and instead offers specialized benefits
  • Turret Specialist has been reworked. It no longer adds additional assembly and instead offers specialized benefits
  • Behavior scripts for all allies have been polished

Balance Changes

  • Overseer now calculates after Engineer's bonuses, as you'd expect
  • Adjusted Architect powers 45% -> 50% construct stats, except hull. Construct hull is now 45% -> 30%
  • Courser hull 90 -> 100
  • Courser damage blast radius and projectile size -15% -> -10%
  • Essence Sap: 1.5% -> 1% hull stored as essence. Essence now recovers hull at a rate of 10% of your maximum hull /s and can store a maximum of 5% of your maximum hull
  • Bastion 130 -> 120 maximum shields
  • Bastion now stores energy at 75% the rate it previously did
  • Bastion innate regen formula is now less explosive at very high durability
  • Galvanic deals much less damage in light of its recent ability to stack damage
  • Armor Stacks once again always give at least 1 stack for "hit" damage
  • Armor Stacks grant 50% stacks for self-damage
  • Burning damage when used with Corrosion now generates 3 -> 2 corrosive stacks /s
  • Dying Star is now considered an "ignite", not burn, and thus does not work with Essence Sap or Corrosion
  • Damage scaling from Masochism and from advancing waves is now the final damage scaling event. Previously, it preceded Barrier, making Barrier (and shields by extension) feel mandatory at high waves
  • Tactical Link now reduces damage from Burnout Reactors and Turret self-damage
  • Vital Bond 50% -> 60% of your regeneration
  • Tactical Link's damage reduction is now additive (this is a buff) (to be clear this doesn't mean it stacks with multiple sources of Tactical Link, it means it interacts additively with other sources of damage reduction)
  • Vortex damage has been returned to its pre-nerf values: ~+10%
  • 7% -> 10% Heavy Caliber buffs
  • Leaf on the Wind time to reach full power 90s -> 60s
  • Salvo base damage 45 -> 48
  • Split Shot innate blast damage 50% -> 30% of base damage
  • Dart now penetrates targets destroyed
  • Deadly Wake is now a burn and an ignite for 120 damage /s instead of only an ignite for 240 damage /s
  • Ignites now always last 3s base duration unless otherwise stated. As a result, removed some text describing ignite duration. Some ignite damage has been adjusted to compensate
  • Corrosion burning damage is now considered an ignite
  • Celestial Surge now ignites enemies in the same way that Celestial Lance does
  • Dart, being burn damage, now applies corrosion stacks over time as per the recent change
  • Halo's self-damage while burning enemies now applies armor stacks

Enemy and Wave Changes

  • Shredder Mine spikes no longer fire in random directions. They now align with the spikes in the artwork. This also means that they never shoot more projectiles than are displayed
  • Shredder Mines now flash when they're going to explode soon. They also project the direction of the spikes they will shoot with an effect
  • Shredder Mine projectiles now degenerate, but not enough to destroy them before they leave the screen unless you have Temporal Shield
  • Shredder Mine projectiles now have trails
  • Shredder Mines now declump from one another
  • Shredder Mines do very slightly more damage
  • Shredder Mines now enter the screen more quickly but quickly slow to an overall slower movement speed
  • A pair of Champion Celestials participating in a "Bomb Fiesta"  was a bad time. Now, bomb frequency is lesser with more Champion Celestials on screen
  • Removed the potential Elite Enemy mode Champion Eclipse spawn from wave 35. A spiral of Shredder Mines can spawn in its place
  • Added a new Elite Enemy mode spawn to wave 45: It will create either a Champion Eclipse, an Elite Juggernaut, or a huge asteroid field + Vanguards
  • The Elite Enemy mode spawn at wave 65 which spawns an Elite Juggernaut now also spawns a pair of Beamcasters with it
  • Improved a weirdly non-threatening Beamcaster wave
  • Saucers grant a little more time to defeat them
  • 18 -> 12 damage for enemy Eclipse "Torrent" projectiles
  • Increased wave speed scaling
  • Reduced enemy damage scaling

Minor Changes

  • Turbo Tortoise has been changed from 3.0s to 3.5s since Bastion's assembly time has been increased and this was no longer possible
  • Added combat log support for Discharge
  • The combat log now displays construct shield damage resistance with shielded constructs on all hits
  • Named the construct key bindings in customization by construct
  • Purge text clarified to show how it interacts with both burns and ignites (it works with both, but benefits differently)
  • Clarified various other strings

Fixes and Optimizations

  • Refactored, organized, and optimized the gigantic script which updates the player when you upgrade
  • Ataraxia updating your stats no longer messes with anything other than the stats it affects
  • When you leave the upgrade menu, your stats are no longer refreshed unless you've actually purchased something within the "chain" of upgrades
  • Banishing with the Research body now immediately updates your defenses, not just when you buy an upgrade
  • As a result of the above notes, several exploits, bugs, and hiccups are corrected: Sanctuary scales properly with Bastion, Ataraxia no longer deletes or creates anything unintended, Last Stand problems are resolved, the order of operations problems are addressed (e.g. Essence Sap was calculating max hull wrong), and more
  • Gemini was skirting enemy damage scaling from advancing waves for the hull portion of the damage
  • Bastion was skirting enemy damage scaling from advancing waves entirely
  • Gemini with Bastion Shield was also double dipping defenses for the shield portion of the damage
  • Bastion no longer burns up faster than intended with multiple shielded-Bastion-constructs
  • Many cases of ignites erroneously working with the Essence Sap mod have been corrected. Only "direct contact" burn damage is meant to work with Essence Sap or Corrosion
  • In cases where degenerations ticked once every 4 seconds, the proper number of corrosive stacks from burning are now granted
  • Fixed a mistake where enemy explosives damage would be set to 15% of the damage you did when you shot them
  • Gemini now takes enemy damage modifiers and scaling into consideration for whether or not it is able to split the damage
  • The achievement for Turbo Tortoise now requires you to actually be using Bastion
  • The pause menu now properly reports the damage of projectile explosives
  • Dart Splinters now degenerate as intended
  • Fixed a few enemies missing jet streams either on spawn or wrapping
  • Added a failsafe so that Armor Stacks cannot become lower than 0
  • Refactored the settings menu so its cleaner and easier to maintain. In a future update, this menu and controls customizations will be overhauled

Version 0.25.3 Update

Updated December 20, 2019

Major Changes

  • The exp curve has been smoothed out. The climb to level 20 is a bit slower, and the average player should be able to reach a maximum of about 5 levels higher than before
  • The game text was given a sweeping overhaul, adjusting grammar, readability, spelling, and consistency. Localization efforts can now ramp up!
  • Changed many game terms in minor ways. For instance, Hull Strength is now Hull, Shield Durability is now Shields

Balance Changes

  • Blade: Blades not generated by the player no longer collide with enemy projectiles
  • Blade: 1/s -> .8/s rate of fire. Player assembled Blades bypass this restriction
  • Blade now works properly with Barrage, gaining the appropriate number of projectiles from Engineer and other sources
  • Homing Strike Blades no longer collide with enemy projectiles
  • Homing Strike Blades now use the 3 prong blade graphic
  • Homing Strike: Now adds additional time before projectiles begin degenerating
  • Armor Stacks no longer require damage to "hit" in order to generate. Any damage taken will do. Damage to proc an armor stack is accumulated fractionally
  • Corrosion Stacks can now be gradually applied by burn damage (not damage from ignited enemies). Hits still generate 1 stack per hit
  • Essence Sap has been reworked for clarity: When you damage an enemy, store 1.5% of your damage as Essence. Essence causes your hull to recover over time. You recover hull from Essence at a rate of 7% of your maximum hull /s. The amount of stored Essence cannot exceed 7% of your maximum hull
  • Masochism: +4% -> +3% damage taken from enemies
  • Dying Star: 10 -> 11 self damage /s. (To compensate for constantly having Armor Stacks)
  • Sanctuary: ~+20% maximum recovery rate (achieved at minimum shields)
  • Charged Shot: Adds even more damage and velocity with charge time. In many cases, this is now actually a DPS increase
  • Salvo: +4% Stockpile rate for each additional projectile
  • Salvo: Stockpile rate now correctly uses rate of fire (this was a long-standing bug)
  • Barrage: Low and high damage have been lowered by 10%
  • Barrage: Barrage now extends the time before projectiles begin to degenerate, compensating for some of the range lost to projectile size
  • Fusillade: -20% -> -15% blast radius and total projectile damage. +20% spread -> +15%
  • Antimatter Rounds now considers 10 stockpile worth 1 projectile for the purpose of calculating self-damage, instead of 5
  • Siege Weaponry: self-damage has been reduced by 10%
  • Adjusted the degeneration system, making it more consistent across different weapons
  • Railgun: Base damage 155 -> 165
  • Flak: Fussed with the effective range in light of degeneration changes
  • Self Destruct: 50 -> 25 base damage
  • Overseer: -2.5% -> -2.0% thrust per your max construct assembly
  • Dart: 15% -> 50% Splash damage from base damage. This isn't intended to do more than provide quality of life
  • Drones & Allies: Improved avoidance of dangers. This works with and without Evasion
  • Changed the logic for whether weapons are offered with Overseer. If you have Overseer, they're now offered only if you have Integrated Weaponry or Loaded Mines, but not Hidden Power
  • Seraph orbs and Station Omega orbs now ramp up to their full damage over 1 second. Because these are spammed, this helps with being "insta-gibbed" by them if they're spawned on top of you
  • Scion uses the new beam-lance artwork from Reflexive Shields, turns a little faster, maintains its beam a little longer, and can spawn more Beamcasters a little more frequently
  • Increased some enemy base hull values. Beamcasters: 150 > 175. Tentacles: 60 > 75. Serpents: 140 > 160
  • Reduced Eclipse core base hull 750 > 700
  • Cargo boxes can now screen wrap for 2 seconds after their creation

Input Improvements

Improved directional steering behavior for game pad

  • Fixed the odd "jerking" motion when starting to turn
  • Turn intensity compensates for the size of the dead zone
  • Refactored and minimized a bunch of the player input code
  • Player input handling now performs directional strafe logic
  • Directional steering mode allows arbitrary strafe/blink angle

Bug Fixes

  • Ataraxia now recalculates by refreshing the loadout, which fixes some problems with it. This appears to also solve the weird Research-Banish interaction
  • Gamepad Controls tutorial now shows the correct right stick used for steering
  • Fixed a bug where small orbs could not screen wrap

Version 0.24.4: FISSION Update

Updated November 16, 2019

Major Changes

‌‌* Harnessing mysterious cosmic powers, the Stealth body gear has been divided into two separate body gears: The Spectre and the Firefly‌‌* The Spectre body gear represents the stealth aspect of the original Stealth body. It is able to cloak faster and enjoys up to a +200% weapon damage buff when fully cloaked. It is able to move at low speeds without breaking cloak and can apply a partial damage buff while partially cloaked‌‌* When you cloak, enemies behave a bit more naturally. They will first target the location they last saw you, and then start guessing where you might be. Some enemies even fire in every direction, if able‌‌* The Firefly body gear represents the speed, thruster burn, and self-damage resistant aspects of the original Stealth body. Its thrusters are now larger, deal more damage, are more wide-spread, and are more unique looking‌‌* The Firefly body and the Spectre body are both available without unlocks‌‌* The Split Shot weapon has been reworked. It has been given several new visual effects and animations, and its damage and spread has been increased while its degeneration now accelerates. Additionally, the weapon now innately deals 50% splash damage on hit to targets behind its point of impact ‌‌* Added a new recursive common Wild Mod: Masochism. Masochism grants +8% self-damage resistance, but increases damage taken from enemies by 4%. It also provides a stackable "Adrenal Module-like effect", at up to +15% increased global damage‌‌* The effect that reduces hull damage by a flat amount has been named "plating". Descriptions have been updated to refer to this effect as such ‌‌* Reworked how waves are spawned under the hood, removing several problems. Very late waves are less chaotic and spammy, but enemies are more powerful‌‌* Enemies now scale up their hull and damage values increasingly higher, starting at wave 120. This scaling won't be present in modes where "Endless" is not enabled, once disabling it becomes possible

‌‌New Tools

‌‌* Created a combat log, which you can enable any time during the game by pressing the Backtick key, which is the key just below Escape. This feature will log all of the hits you take, and show you exactly what your defenses are doing. Currently this feature does not report self-damage or burn damage, but may in the future as I continue to iterate on it‌‌* Created a new debug tool, the wave log. This will help us diagnose any problems with the enemy wave system, as well as show you exactly what's going on with them. If you've enabled debug mode by pressing Delete, you can toggle the combat log (detailed above) by pressing Shift + Backtick

‌‌Quality of Life Changes

‌‌* If you have stored more than one upgrade, you can choose them all before the menu closes. You can disable this feature in the settings menu‌‌* You can now select "Directional Steering" as a gamepad control mode from the Settings menu. This makes the player attempt to face the direction you are holding on the right stick. The controls for stabilize and displace still work with the left stick. In a future patch, this too will be made directional. This has been a popular request, but I recommend instead becoming accustomed to the default steering controls‌‌* Added support for analog thrust. Thrust strength is proportional to trigger value and Stabilize strength is proportional to stick value‌‌* Reserved hull and shield values are now depicted with a different color on the hull and shield bars‌‌* Burst Fire delay between firing has been capped at 1/5 of  second‌‌* Player bullets dispose in a wider range outside of the game boundaries, giving them a bit more time to reach their targets if they swing wide

‌‌Upgrade Changes

‌‌* Reflexive Shields has been reworked and given a visual upgrade. Additionally, it does considerably more damage‌‌* Sources of burn such as Discharge, other lightning mods, and Helix Orbs which did not previously stack damage from overlapping instances now do so‌‌* In addition to its attack now stacking, Galvanic Outburst provides an additional +2% shield effect power. However, it can no longer be self-triggered in order to differentiate it from Discharge‌‌* Regenerative Shields now applies its effect 75% to shields and 50% to hull, up from 70% and 30%‌‌* Death Blossom and Emergency systems now require your shield to protect you, not your constructs. Shielded Constructs now blocks Emergency Systems from appearing in the upgrade pool ‌‌* Shielded Constructs flat hull and hull increases +5 -> +10 and +5% -> +10% respectively‌‌* Hypermetabolism has been reworked. It now reserves hull and shields instead of reducing them. Its increased regeneration values have been reduced, but since the maximum value from which they are derived is no longer reduced, the resulting values are similar‌‌* The Defiance mod has been reworked, as it was allowing certain builds to achieve immortality. It turns out that "plating" is an extremely strong modifier when stacked high‌‌* Defiance self damage reduction +7% -> +4%‌‌* Defiance plating 1 -> .5‌‌* Defiance now additionally resists recoil and thrust-reducing effects by 4% each‌‌* Celestial Lance damage and self-damage have been reduced by 10%. The damage and self-damage now ramp up over time the longer the aura is maintained through fast movement‌‌* Loaded Mines and Death Blossom were scaling more than intended from added projectile modifiers. These mods now use a new formula‌‌* 4% -> 5% global damage per unspent mod for Ataraxia‌‌* 85 -> 90 base hull for the Research and Engineer bodies‌‌* -15% -> -10% shields for the Research and Engineer bodies‌‌* 80 -> 100 base shields for Siphon Shield‌‌* 65 -> 70 base shields for Temporal Shield‌‌* Blade splinters no longer collide with enemy projectiles‌‌* Blade splinters now degenerate and decelerate faster‌‌* Blade splinters now reduce hull by an additional 25%‌‌* Warp Strike damage malus for screen-wrapping 5 + 15% of your defenses -> 5 + 10%‌‌* Velocity and Snipe each provide 5% less of an increase to projectile speed. To compensate, the base velocity of most weapons has been increased by 10%. Railgun, instead, had its base damage increased. These mods felt like too much of a shoe-in for certain weapons to hit a usable threshold‌‌* Antimatter Rounds self-damage decreased about 5%‌‌* Rupture now does what it says it does (3% of enemy maximum hull as blast damage. Was actually 2.25%, and erroneously reported 3%)

‌‌Minor Changes

‌‌* Drones, Allies, and Turrets take their target's size into account, which increases their likelihood of firing when close or overlapping‌‌* Gyrogun bullets accelerate and have a lower starting speed. They degenerate, as well‌‌* Barrage now fires from a circular spread instead of a rectangular one‌‌* Rewrote the "declumping" code which prevents enemies from stacking on top of you. It now looks nicer and more elastic‌‌* Reduced the damage over time from Spitfire orbs. They also take considerably longer to explode / hatch‌‌* Spitfire now moves and reverses less quickly, making it less punishing for close-range builds‌‌* Seraph hull reduced a bit‌‌* The logic for choosing a common and rare Wild Mod in the upgrade menu has been rewritten

‌‌Bug Fixes

‌‌* Fixed a long-standing bug where the wave would elect to advance despite there being an enemy spawner present (but no enemies)‌‌* Fixed Hives getting trapped off-screen (fourth time is the charm?)‌‌* Purification wasn't healing the player in most cases, it is now functioning again‌‌* Dart now triggers Eclipse Shield retaliations‌‌* Pausing doesn't interrupt Death Blossom anymore‌‌* Prevented Skirmish from proccing in edge cases where you can't fire, but somehow do anyway‌‌* Fixed several strange interactions of Bastion Shield and Reflexive Shields‌‌* Fixed a crash related to Ally targeting‌‌* Fixed a "leak" with Celestial Shots getting stuck off-screen causing slowdown‌‌* Fixed odd Minelayer shield behavior‌‌* Fixed a typo preventing strafing or displacing left from working on game pad

Version 0.23.8: WILD METAMORPHOSIS Update

September 30, 2019

New Features

  • Wild Metamorphosis has been added to the game! It can be enabled from the Loadout menu. At least temporarily, this Challenge Mode is not gated behind any unlocks
  • 12 common Wild Mods have been added to the game!
  • 12 rare Wild Mods have been added to the game!
  • Wild Metamorphosis now plays the remixed version of the 6 standard BGM tracks! Later, this may change to be a mix with the other tracks, and may not play in this order
  • The Research ship has learned a new ability. It now gains 1% total Hull Strength and Shield Durability for every banished mod (through any means)

Quality of Life Changes

  • Hidden Power now refunds your Weapon Gear upgrade point, if you spent one
  • Rapid Reconstruction now refunds your Shield Gear upgrade point, if you spent one
  • Shield Gear is now selected before Body Gear
  • Improved the visuals and transitions for upgrading

Blade Weapon Changes

  • Blade has been reworked. Blade can now be utilized by other constructs, Burst Fire, Siege Weaponry, Saturation Fire, and Barrage
  • Blade's stats have been changed. As a result, Blades created by the player are effectively the same power they previously were, and 25% weaker and 15% smaller when deployed by other constructs. Blades deployed by constructs also do not fire submunitions
  • A Burst-Fired blade is deployed one at a time instead of in a spread
  • Blades (and any future constructs) not deployed by you cannot be shielded or employ shield effects from the Shielded Constructs mod
  • Blades have a rate of fire of 1/s for the purposes of all calculations. When deployed by the player, this is effectively bypassed at the cost of using assembly and construct limits, as usual
  • Blades attempt to return to their launcher. If a launcher doesn't exist, they take 60 hull damage /s
  • Architect stat bonuses and limitations only apply to Blades it directly created (For example, Blades created by an Ally construct won't be beefy or be detonated by Architect's ability, but the Ally construct which fired the blade will be)

Pulse Changes

  • Pulse has been reworked and has received new artwork, which occludes visibility less
  • Blast-based weapons (currently only Pulse) now fire in a cluster when used with Loaded Mines. The number of Pulses created depend on your rate of fire and mine effect modifiers
  • Pulse now works with Barrage (As it has no primary projectiles, it will Pulse once and then barrage the secondary projectiles)
  • Pulse secondary projectiles are now affected by most anything that would alter size, homing, velocity, and so on (including Cloaking, Charged Shot, Skirmish, etc.)
  • Pulse secondary projectiles are now affected by Splinter Shot
  • Pulse was double-dipping modifiers to blast radius. This is no longer true. The base size has been made larger to compensate, especially the outer ring, which is now considerably larger
  • 135 x2 -> 180 / 90 Pulse base damage. This means that the inner ring now deals twice as much damage as the outer ring (66.67%)
  • Pulse shards are now smaller and deal 50% of the damage of the inner pulse

Gear Balance Changes

  • Vortex has been made more consistent with other weapons
  • Vortex base damage has been reduced ~10%
  • Shields, apart from Bastion, have had their cooldown made faster by .5 seconds
  • Shields with cooldown are now more resistant to having their cooldown reduced by damage
  • Helix shield spawns 3 orbs at a time instead of 2. A full rework of this shield is pending
  • +3% -> 2% total construct assembly speed per downed construct for Engineer body's innate ability, Priority Zero
  • 90 -> 100 Halo shield durability
  • 135 -> 130 Bastion shield durability
  • 90 -> 85 Research body hull strength
  • -10% -> -15% Research body shield durability
  • 80 -> 90 Courser body hull strength

Other Balance Changes

  • Essence Sap max hull rate recovered 6% -> 5%
  • Antimatter Rounds base and scaling self-damage has been reduced slightly
  • +30% -> 25% total bonus for Singular Strike
  • Apex Machinery malus for construct assembly time +100% -> +70% (this is a buff). Bonuses to constructs 25% -> 30%
  • Tactical Link is now a binary buff. If you're in the radius of an Advanced Construct, you and that construct have 8% hull damage resistance. It works on Bastion, even though it does not display a radius
  • Player and drone projectiles don't collide with dead objects anymore. This makes a difference with weapons such as Flak which fire many projectiles at once
  • Loaded Mines now uses a different formula for calculating how many projectiles it should create. It works similarly to the Wild Mod, Death Blossom. Projectile count scaling and a projectile floor results in roughly the same power level for heavy weapons and a stronger result for high projectile count or high rate-of-fire weapons
  • Loaded Mines now varies the speed of projectiles with most weapons
  • Weapon recoil is now an additively stacking property
  • Burnout Reactors no longer increases the damage of Self Destruction. Adding the ability to scale with burn damage is more than enough
  • The mechanic which governs how much shield effect and radius is lost based on how many constructs it is spread across has been made less generous
  • Capped player speed at 75 pixels per second
  • The enemy boss, the Seraph, has had the damage on its orbs and Tesla mine reduced
  • The enemy boss, the Spitfire, now summons Pulsar enemy adds

Version 0.22.4: MAYHEM Update

June 27, 2019

Major Features

  • Increased the maximum Account level to 59
  • Added a new super mod at Account Level 54: Displacement
  • Added a new super mod at Account Level 55: Burnout Reactors
  • Added a new super mod at Account Level 56: Singular Strike
  • Added a new super mod at Account Level 57: Barrage
  • Added a new body gear at Account Level 58: Courser
  • Added a new challenge mode at Account Level 59: Mayhem
  • Changed the default windowed mode size to 1440 x 810
  • Nova Drift received a huge overhaul to the way text and descriptions are handled. It is now very easy to maintain, write, and translate. The stage has been set for international localization!

‌‌Balance Changes

  • 2% -> 1.5% Essence Sap recovery
  • Self destruction has had its scaling adjusted, and now hits once instead of twice
  • Most instances of weapon blast radius scale less from damage
  • Vortex now scales with rate of fire modifiers, and has had its base charge rate reduced proportionately
  • Vortex can now be used with Burst Fire, with a behavior identical to Burst Fire Charged Shot with other weapons. As a result, it also works with Barrage. Folded its firing logic into the standard script
  • Flak now has a slightly improved range, and waits a moment to begin degeneration. Its spread has also been reduced slightly
  • Siphon's base shield radius has been slightly increased
  • Purge now uses 100% of an enemy's ignite instead of 75%
  • Drone movement speed 5 -> 6
  • +25 -> +30 Rapid Reconstruction base hull
  • Flak waits additional frames before degenerating, making it more resistant to size-reducing effects

Version 0.21.6

June 4, 2019

‌                                              Upload

Major Features

New Gear and Mods:

  • Added a new Body Gear: Viper
  • Added a new Weapon Gear: Dart
  • Added a new Shield Gear: Siphon
  • The Efficiency and Thruster trees have been restructured and have become three trees, with four new mods. The trees are now called: "Kinetics, Efficiency, and Movement"
  • Added a new mod: Kinetic Boost (tier 1 Kinetics)
  • Added a new mod: Blink (tier 3 Movement)
  • Added a new mod: Conversion (tier 2 Efficiency)
  • Added a new mod: Regression (tier 3 Efficiency)
  • Aegis, Celestial Lance and Emergency Systems moved to the Kinetics tree
  • Blink replaces Emergency Systems in the Movement tree
  • Conversion replaces Celestial Lance in the Efficiency tree
  • Gemini Protocol becomes a tier 2 mod in the Efficiency tree, replacing Aegis
  • Regression becomes a tier 3 mod in the Efficiency Tree, replacing Gemini Protocol
  • Rebirth and Magnetism have been removed from the standard mod pool (they are slated to possibly become Wild Mods)
  • Base magnetism has been increased to compensate for the loss of the Magnetism mod
  • Ally takes the place of unlocking Magnetism
  • Kinetic Boost takes the place of unlocking Rebirth
  • Dart, Viper, and Siphon shield are unlocked at Account Level 51, 52, and 53 respectively. You will need to play a bit to earn them

Other Major Features:

  • Enabled Steam and game screenshots with F12. The game will add your screenshot to your C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\NovaDrift\ folder (not ideal, but it's a temporary solution) Steam screenshots are kept on your profile
  • Mouse, Keyboard and Gamepad now cohabitate without changing the settings. If you want to use the mouse or gamepad, just start moving it. Keyboard controls resume if you stop moving the mouse or gamepad stick. If automatic mouse aim detection is interfering (or you have a track pad) you can disable it in settings with "Disable Mouse Aim Detection"
  • You may now cancel an upgrade at any time. If you do, you will be offered the same mods as the last time when you do upgrade
  • If you do not cancel your upgrade, rerolls and successive levels will never show you the same mods in a row if it can be avoided
  • Added new sfx for big bosses approaching, the player's launch, Dart, caustic Barrier, Venom Strike, and Siphon

Minor Features:

  • The score menu now accepts up to 16 characters, like its 1990
  • Calibrate has new artwork
  • Added a colorful, more noticeable aim-scope
  • Mouse controls now uses a proportional derivative controller
  • Lowered the base friction of the player about 5%
  • Updated the pause readout. It now shows your DPS, which also has a section for the DPS assuming all projectiles hit. It also calculates doubled projectiles (Torrent and Blaster) and burst fire in the equation. It does not consider secondary effects or projectiles from weapons, such as Dart's burn or Grenade's cluster munitions
  • You can now hold control to add larger increments in the debug wave interface. Hold Ctrl for +/- 10 waves at a time. Hold Alt for +/- 100 waves at a time

Balance Changes

  • Sanctuary's recovery now scales with shield durability. The result is about 30% better at very high durabilities, and about half of what it was at the lowest durabilities
  • Hullbreaker now must face its target to penetrate (Just as Viper must face its target to deliver Caustic Barrier)
  • The sub-ability of Omnishield which enables a partial shield cooldown when you've taken damage during an existing shield cooldown has been made a core ability, at a lesser power level. Taking Omnishield now doubles the effectiveness of this ability
  • Shield Size now scales visually with both your base ship size and ship size modifiers, including Bastion size and distance from your nose
  • -15 -> -10% body size modifier for Streamline (in light of the addition of Regression)
  • Purge has been reworked. The formula has been adjusted to properly consider the individual duration and potency of each burn instead of multiplying everything together. Purge's size now uses a square root value to prevent it from growing out of control. Using purge now results in 75% of the damage you would have dealt, had the damage over time been allowed to run its full course
  • Warp Strike continues to have far too much sway over the balance of the game, so I've dealt with it in a different way. Its damage penalty now applies only to projectiles which have screen wrapped. These projectiles deal -35% damage. It is still very powerful
  • Warp Strike penalty now deals you 5 flat damage to hull and shields in addition to 15%. This cannot reduce you to below 1 hull and shields
  • -10% -> -12% rate of fire for Warp Strike
  • Barrier has been reworked. The new rules are: Barrier removes damage to your shields exceeding 35% of your maximum shield durability, up to a limit of your maximum shield durability
  • -50% -> -30% Rocket Drones fire rate penalty
  • +25% -> +30% drone hull from Reinforced Drones
  • 7 -> 6s Drone Assembly time
  • -90% -> -85% Omnishield hull penalty (this might limit the insanity of self-triggered retribution mines builds)
  • +50% -> +45% architect bonuses
  • 1s -> .75s Emergency Systems duration
  • 10 -> 12 iFrames for collision on Non-hullbreaker bodies
  • -10% -> -15% projectile size for Convergence
  • Burst Fire has been reworked. It now adds a flat delay between burst fires (.04 seconds) and a general +20% increase to rate of fire. The result is that mod has different values for different loadouts. Generally speaking, it is now slightly detrimental for very fast firing weapons, and efficient for very slow weapons. Middling weapons like Dart benefit reasonably well from it. The rate of fire increase also benefits things like Charged Shot, Salvo, and Loaded Mines, etc. The pause readout will show you the effect on your DPS for your particular set up. I realize this has strange implications for a few things, which can be addressed moving forward
  • Incendiary Strike no longer has a rate of fire penalty
  • Blink is now a prerequisite to Warp Strike instead of Guidance (This seems more thematic to me, and adds an effective higher mod count requirement for builds that really want to push weapons to the limit)
  • Calibrate rate increased slightly
  • 15 -> 18 Antimatter Rounds damage bonus
  • Antimatter rounds deals 5% less self-damage
  • Antimatter Rounds self-knockback reduced considerably
  • Corrosion deals +10% base damage
  • -15% -> -10% weapon damage for Corrosion
  • Saturation Fire is now considerably better at reducing weapon spread

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Myriad syntax, text, and UI improvements
  • Optimized texture atlas
  • Optimized homing code
  • Optimized discharge code
  • Optimized trails, it is also now possible to taper and use multiple colors in jet trails
  • Fixed Scion projectile origins
  • Fixed a bug with splinter strike where it was improperly inheriting size modifiers from whence it came
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't detonate your Bastion with Hidden Power Architect on gamepad
  • Fixed a freeze with the gamepad with Architect Bastion under weird settings circumstances
  • Fixed another gamepad freeze related to construct selection
  • Fixed a bug with Volatile Shields excluding the initial target
  • Fixed a problem where partial cooldowns didn't work at all with Omnishield
  • Fixed a problem with reroll powerups being deleted
  • Split shot now degenerates properly
  • Fixed a bug where Turret utilized Rocket Drones explosions
  • Fixed a bug where parts of Station Omega could be Terminated
  • Fixed Antimatter Rounds text exceeding its bounding box
  • Overseer now properly displays itself as a prerequisite to construct Super Mods
  • Fixed a crash with Blade's artwork
  • Clarified and corrected a few achievements
  • Fixed Stealth jet stream alignment
  • Fixed a crash relating to trails and Blade Drone
  • Fixed a bug with infinitely wrapping Warp-Strike Railgun projectiles
  • Fixed some incorrect tags on descriptions.
  • Elite chance is now correct if you teleport using debug cheats

Version 0.20.11

May 8, 2019

We've successfully migrated the game from GameMaker Studio to GameMaker 2! This is a huge leap forward in stability, portability, support, and performance. Additionally, we can now compile to Linux and OSX using the native compiler, and its a step closer to console ports!

Naturally, with an engine transition comes different problems for different hardware configurations and software. I can say with confidence that more people are now able to play on this version than than before, but some people did encounter new problems. Most of them have easy solutions, such as restarting, disabling third party software, white listing on antiviruses, or reinstalling. Problems with OBS can be solved through OBS configuration settings. Failing that, please contact Chimeric directly with problems:



Construct Balance Changes

  • Made a large revision to how construct rate of fire and assembly speed modifiers are applied. Modifiers now actually do what they say they do. Previously, a large amount of this was misleading and resulted in the critical mass of construct power we saw in the previous patch
  • Constructs now aim at targets using a PD (proportional-derivative) controller. It gives aiming some ease in and ease out (Its smoother in appearance)
  • The Engineer and the Architect have been further balanced. While there may appear to be a huge defensive gap between them, this comes as a result of the comparatively huge "effective defense" increase of spamming constructs everywhere. Additionally, Architect's overlarge size has been considered
  • 90 -> 85 Engineer base hull strength
  • -10% -> -15% Engineer shield durability
  • 40% -> 50% Architect construct bonuses
  • 115 -> 120 Architect base hull strength
  • Overclock now ramps up-- and back down-- more gradually
  • +50% -> +40% total rate of fire increase from Overclock
  • 180 -> 150 Ally hull, back to their original hull values (to compensate for their enhanced functionality)
  • Ally basic weapon rate of fire 3/s -> 2/s
  • Overseer has lost its generic 10% increase to assembly speed, but retains the scaling aspect
  • Shielded Constructs +10 to base hull becomes +5 to base hull and +5% hull strength
  • Amp shield's effect now fully benefits shielded constructs, gaining additional benefits from being near hazards. Note that this works for Blade Drone
  • 25 -> 22s Turret assembly time
  • 32 -> 30 Ally assembly time
  • 8 -> 7s Drone assembly time
  • Turret hull strength 70 -> 100
  • Pursuit formation drone speed 2.5 -> 5

Gear Balance Changes

  • Research has been overhauled, and no longer provides an experience bonus. It turns out this benefit was mostly illusory anyway, due to the nature of the exp curve. Instead:
  • Research now allows you to banish mods from the mod pool by spending a reroll
  • Research no longer gives you double rerolls
  • 70 -> 85 Research base hull strength
  • -30% -> -15% Research shield durability
  • Added a banish tutorial element / button
  • Torrent has been overhauled, and is now handled as a "twin" projectile, like the default Blaster. The following changes make it less "spammy" and more performant, while remaining effective with greater damage and more useful bullet positioning
  • Torrent spread now affects pairs of Torrent projectiles, and not individual projectiles. This results in a more aesthetic and useful spread, especially at very high projectile counts, or when used with spread-reducing mods
  • 8 -> 3 x 2 Torrent projectiles
  • 16 -> 20 Torrent damage per projectile
  • 5.25 -> 4.25 Torrent velocity
  • Torrent projectiles degrade more slowly, but also start slightly less large. They are overall more persistent.
  • Targeting rate has been accelerated for fleeting projectiles which degrade (Torrent, Flak, and especially Pulse secondary projectiles)
  • 65 -> 75 Grenade base damage
  • 10% slower Grenade base fire rate
  • Grenade proximity detonate radius 25 -> 20 (trying to find the right balance between utility and allowing the enemy inside the blast radius)
  • Grenade clusters have ~5% more range
  • 16 -> 17 Split Shot base damage
  • 11 -> 13 base spread / projectile for Railgun
  • 6.75s -> 7s Amp shield cooldown (Still tier 1, but tied with Warp)
  • 7s -> 7.5s Default shield cooldown (Still tier 2, now tied with Halo)
  • 18% -> 15% velocity and spread improvement for the Assault body

Balance Changes

  • Changed the way Blast Radius works for non-blast innate weaponry. The added splash damage now ignores the original target (As a result, Blast Radius no longer results in Corrosion getting double the stacks for such weapons)
  • Blast Radius no longer decreases the damage of the initial hit at all
  • Splinter projectiles now exclude the original target as well. Screen wrapping projectiles are able to hit once again. This also helps with Torrent's corrosive tyranny
  • Corrosion spread works differently now. When an enemy with corrosion stacks dies, it adds stacks equal to its hull times .02, and then divides the stacks evenly across all targets in its radius
  • Corrosion radius increased 160 -> 175
  • Corrosion base damage per stack .02 -> .035
  • Corrosion decay rate factor per duration .92 -> .85
  • TL;DR Corrosion changes: It's less extreme with spammy weapons, and less bad with heavy weapons. Blast radius matters far less for optimizing it. Its worse at single target damage and better at proliferation and clearing, though it no longer proliferates out of control
  • Hidden power, regenerative shields, and several upcoming Wild Mods now use a new percentile modifier to regeneration rate instead of adding a flat rate like other regeneration mods
  • 12 -> 15% Convergence velocity and rate of fire penalty
  • +50% -> +75 weapon spread increase from Convergence
  • 0 -> +10% weapon spread from Homing Strike
  • Rancor's charge boost has been reduced considerably
  • 25% -> 20% total damage boost for Blitz
  • -18% -> -20% hull and shields for Apotheosis
  • 4 -> 3 base rerolls
  • 35% -> 30% of your shield cooldown for Emergency Systems' minimum duration
  • 9000 -> 9001 singularity damage per second to enemies, as per request
  • Seraph boss warp blast radius increased
  • Scion boss accelerates after spawning a black hole
  • Scion are now immune to the pull of black holes
  • Scion spawns Beamcasters slightly more often
  • More hull for Pulsar, Spitfire, Scion, Tesla Mine, and some Warbringer parts
  • Pulsars and Wardens enter with less speed
  • Less hull for Constructor Barrier-Drones
  • Champion Serpents turn less quickly while firing their laser
  • Enemy speeds and chances to become elite or champion above wave 100 advance faster. This is a temporary solution until stronger enemies and uber bosses are added
  • Set a new, more consistent precedent for Splinter Shot's projectile count and power levels

Additional Changes

  • The game settings now have a new toggle for controls style: Analog and digital. Digital is how it previously worked. Analog lets you get a little ramp up on keyboard, and on Gamepad it utilizes the stick sensitivity. Analog controls allow finer aiming, but take some getting used to
  • Added a few more tips to the game over screen
  • The Warbringer music "Ares" has been updated
  • Random asteroid adds are 10% more frequent
  • Comets spawn with greater position variance
  • Dozens of optimizations and improved game structure
  • Toned down the brightness of the red sun background element which was causing visibility problems
  • Hidden Power and Mastery now have more useful descriptions

Bug Fixes:

  • Thanks to the engine migration, the game no longer crashes at restart or game end!
  • Interceptor's bonuses were accidentally applied in Integrated Weaponry instead of Interceptor, this has been fixed
  • Turret no longer cease fires at very high rates of fire
  • Fixed a Blade blast radius interaction crash
  • Fixed a problem with Scion and the temporal effect
  • Fixed a problem with Terminate proccing over and over on Station Omega (and actually potentially healing it!)
  • Rapid Reconstruction no longer blocks Emergency Systems from being selected
  • Fixed a crash with emergency systems being unable to find a dead player
  • Retribution no longer bypasses Architect's one construct limit rule
  • Fixed a bug with Railgun blast radius scaling from damage for both the base size and the growth rate
  • Fixed a problem with Splinter and Homing Strike projectiles escaping the screen boundaries
  • Fixed massive slowdown encountered at very low fire rates with Discharge. This is also a general optimization to Discharge
  • Blade splinters can no longer be an emitter for discharge using Shielded Constructs
  • Rewrote the high score save system, fixing a problem with saved scores being scrambled or misrepresented. Unfortunately, we cannot restore previously corrupted scores
  • Removed the Early Access buttons until we can prevent the game from being flagged by antiviruses for opening links
  • Fixed a problem where the player could be deleted if you paused during a certain time inside a black hole (!)
  • Fixed a problem with the pause menu being invisible at a certain time while inside a black hole
  • Players inside a black hole are invulnerable to further damage from other sources once they've entirely lost control
  • Hives should no longer get stuck off screen
  • Fixed dozens more caused by the transition from GameMaker 1 to 2. Too many to list

Progress Update:

  • Nearly completed the upcoming changes in the following mod trees: Movement, Energy Manipulation (formerly Efficiency), and a new tree, Kinetics. This change includes restructuring of these trees, and four new mods: Kinetic Boost, Blink, Regression, and Conversion. These changes are coming soon
  • Made some progress on the upcoming Wild Metamorphosis game mode and Dart weapon. 7 Wild Mods have been completed.
  • Created an upcoming Super Mod: Barrage
  • Coming soon™: Directional facing controls as a third option for Analog and Digital control styles

Version 0.19.0

April 6, 2019

This is a very aggressive batch of changes. Expect various tweaks to these values as we play test over the next few weeks, and probably a hot fix or two.

General and Quality of Life Changes

  • The game has been zoomed out 5%, providing more room to maneuver. This feels right to me, but the change has a lot of subtle effects on game balance, so overall difficulty is something to observe moving forward. (Dynamic zoom is planned for the future.)
  • The Settings menu now asks for confirmation before wiping your progress or high scores.
  • Some of the faster enemies enter the arena with less initial speed. This, combined with the previous change, should make getting blitzed from off-screen somewhat less of a concern.
  • Added an early access popup menu to the game providing useful links and information for new players.
  • Burn damage numbers will display your burn damage over 1 second if you have "Show Damage Numbers" turned on in the settings.
  • Salvo missile stockpiles now have a graphical HUD element.
  • Experience orbs from enemies scatter a bit depending on the size of what spawned them.
  • The default values for settings have been changed, defaulting to "Auto Deploy Drones" and "Show Enemy Hull Bars".
  • Windowed mode, when toggled from the Settings menu, sets the window to a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of scaling from your monitor dimensions. More dynamic options are planned for the future.
  • Added a better "finder" for when you screen wrap. There is much more work to do regarding player visibility.
  • You won't lose your experience orbs as easily during the Scion boss fight.
  • The Warbringer now has its own boss music: "Ares."
  • Salvo jet trails have been optimized, and now are also included on Salvo Splinters. Drone Rockets also now have jet trails.
  • The OSX version of the game can now enter debug mode.
  • Game controls are now displayed longer.
  • The Game End menu now displays your damage taken and highest damage dealt.
  • Confirming your Upgrade with "fire" no longer fires your weapon.
  • Continued to reduce the most excessive screen flash and blending cases.
  • Further preparations for the engine switch to GameMaker 2 have been made.
  • Various optimizations, particularly to jet trails, projectile targeting, Essense Sap, and constructs.

Game Balance: Constructs

  • Drones and Allies now lead targets with their weapons, and are far more accurate as a result.
  • Drones and Allies try to stay outside of the radius of their targets.
  • Drones and Allies attempt to avoid hazards slightly.
  • Allies with Integrated Weaponry have a less severe rate of fire penalty for your weapon, (potentially achieving very high values with Overclock, Architect, and other construct rate of fire boosts).
  • Drones and Allies are better at multitasking. Defense Drones can target in Rampart formation, and Guardians can fight while approaching a healing target.
  • Constructs have smoother transitions when moving between formations and targets.
  • Elegant Construction now has +.4% total construct assembly speed per your level.
  • Overseer now has +10% faster construct assembly speed in addition to its construct count scaling element. Additionally, its slowing debuff has been increased from -2% -> -2.5% per standard and advanced construct assembly total.
  • +18% -> 20% hull damage resistance for Shielded Constructs. It now also has +10 base hull.
  • Apex Machinery now has +15% shield effect power.
  • 110 -> 115 architect hull.
  • In light of changes to assembly speed, 12 -> 14s Bastion Shield base assembly time.

Game Balance: Self Damage

  • Siege Weaponry has been revamped. It no longer damages you until you've fired twice in succession. It now uses a different formula for dealing self-damage independent of when you fire, meaning it is equally aggressive regardless of your rate of fire or chosen weapon. Additionally, the rate of fire curve has been reworked, providing large increases up-front and tapering off over time.
  • Saturation Fire now fully replaces the calibrate effect, calibrating while you're ramping up siege weaponry and granting reduced spread, increased velocity, and increased targeting at a reduced value compared to standard calibrate.
  • Antimatter Rounds has been adjusted. The flat self-damage it deals has been increased. This mod is potentially extremely strong, and was designed to be a balancing act of value between rate of fire, projectile count, and DPS. As a result, its less "safe" on very rapid fire weapons.
  • Antimatter Rounds is less exploitable by Salvo, which now uses a modified formula to compensate for the fact that its base cost is almost entirely circumvented by the stockpile mechanic.
  • Weapon self-damage that scaled with your adjusted rate of fire now scales with your weapon base rate of fire.
  • Previously, a bug existed where your self-damage resistance didn't work on Siege Weaponry and Antimatter Rounds. This has been fixed.
  • +5% self-damage taken from Celestial Lance.
  • 25% -> 20% self-damage resistance for the Stealth body gear.
  • Self-damage resistance for hull and shields are now displayed on the pause menu.
  • Drones with your shield receiving self-shield-damage hits (discharge) now properly create Helix orbs on them instead of you.

General Game Balance

  • Temporal Shield's shield effect has been reworked. It is now integrated better with the global enemy speed increases over high waves. Additionally, Elites, Champions, and Bosses resist the effects in more consistent ways.
  • The Stealth body gear now gains +20% total weapon damage from breaking stealth.
  • Channeling 2% -> 1% total shield effect per armor stack. As a multiplicative effect with a max stack of 50, this was way over tuned.
  • Knockback Resistance now also resists any recoil from weapons and mods.
  • Certain enemy powers were hit too hard by the inclusion of i-frames. To compensate, Scatterdrone, Pulsar, and Seraph bullet damage has been slightly increased.
  • -15% -> -18% hull and shields from Apotheosis.
  • -80% -> -75% hull and shields from Last Stand's reincarnation. The explosion damage has been increased greatly, and you have three seconds if i-frames after being reborn.
  • 15% -> 12% Terminate "cull" threshold.
  • 20% -> 25% Blitz bonus on full hull.
  • -10% -> -15% rate of fire for Splinter. Splinters deal slightly more damage. This change was made to improve performance and reduce screen clutter.
  • Splinter is now more generous with submunitions, for instance allowing Grenade more clusters per splinter.
  • Hullbreaker's recovery rate bonus now works on Sanctuary, as it should (hooray?) And text describing this bonus has been made more consistent.
  • 115 -> 120 base hull for Battery.
  • Vortex is now able to trigger Terminate.
  • Rancor has been toned down considerably. It's still very potent.
  • Warp Strike no longer reduces your hull and shields. Instead, it has a new drawback: Screen wrapping yourself removes 15% of your current hull and shields. Removal can't be mitigated and doesn't count as a hit. Warp Strike is incredibly powerful; My hope is that this change makes choosing it more situational and less of an auto-choose for weapons like Salvo.
  • Singularities pull harder (affects everyone), and the player is slightly less resistant to the effect than they were.

Bug Fixes

  • Windowed mode should now properly center on game start.
  • Improved various syntax to be more accurate and consistent.
  • Fixed a crash relating to Blade and Splinter Shot.
  • Fixed a crash relating to Architect detonating Bastion Shield.
  • Fixed a crash while toggling constructs with Architect and Shielded Constructs while using a gamepad.
  • Smarter selector system for selecting constructs on gamepads.
  • Fixed several instances of the mods claiming they unlocked the wrong mod next.
  • Gamepads can now be detected being plugged in or unplugged if the game is paused.
  • Fixed the broken link to the Leaderboards from the Settings menu.
  • Fixed several cases of songs playing mono when they should be stereo.
  • Fixed some memory leaks relating to jet trails.
  • Fixed a bug where your self-damage resistance didn't work on Siege Weaponry and Antimatter Rounds.