Hello, Drifters!

We're blown away by the sheer quantity of fan art and community content that has been rolling into our Discord. We've been collecting it for many years, but it occurs to me that most of our players might not know about the blog at all.

Its here! Click!: https://blog.novadrift.io/fanart/

Lately we've got dozens of pieces rolling in each month, so come back and see it from time to time. Also, don't miss the memes section at the end.

Below are just a few of my recent favorites. Visit the link above for more.

Rax - Ship Ideas
Evertone - Garganta
Arch_Imedes - Shield Gear: Chakram

Fan Remixes

Also, @Epileptix & @LtW have created a remix with a music video to Miles Tilmann's track, "Collider Synced". I love how the visualizer gets crazier and crazier as the music ramps up:

Collider Synced Remix Music Video


Fan Board Game

Finally, this is awesome: @MusicalRess has been working on a Nova Drift Board Game in Tabletop Simulator. In summary, it's 1 Game master vs up to 4 players and has a crazy amount of unique pieces and mods. We'll keep you posted if a playable version becomes available.

Special thanks to @AvionDrake579 for taking on the herculean (or maybe sisyphean?) task of keeping the fan art blog up to date!

What's Next for Nova Drift?

Enemies 2.0, part 3, follows this upcoming update. That will add the last of the 2 alternate bosses, as well as Challenge Mode: Boss Rush, where you will face all 10 bosses, one after another, and earn large upgrades in between. As usual, other features and reworks will also arrive, a glow-up for the Ally trees and potentially new weapon gear.

Discord Upgraded! Come Hang

We've got quite an active discord with a very chill and inclusive community. This is Nova Drift's main hub of information and the dev team is also pretty active there. We recently opened up some new channels like #weekly-discussion, #ask-the-devs, and #feedback. The latter allows you to submit feedback to a bot that lets players upvote or downvote the suggestion. I'm also quite proud of the #game-dev-help channel, which is a space for current and aspiring developers to learn and collaborate. So... come chat with us!

Want to help Nova Drift grow?

Steam Reviews really help! As a tiny operation, Nova Drift relies on its quality and reputation to sell, and reviews also encourage the Steam algorithms to show the game to more people. Please do take a moment to fill out a short review, even if it's only a few words. It just might make a big difference.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes,


Jeffrey Nielson