A collection of the amazing fanart posted in the Nova Drift Discord server! If I forgot to credit you or missed your art, let me know!

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Fan Art

Halo Drones, Zyalin
"I needed to hate Celestials less, so I tried to draw them smol and cute. Daggone lil' fire sprites." by Lurk

Cewestials by Lurk
Lurk - Celestial Fisticuffs
Lurk - Boosted
Lurk - Crabs
Snapper by Advent
S N I P P by Advent
Artwork by: Wanderbot
Hullbreaker with Seraph. Yes, we're shipping ships now. Artwork by AquaJet, commissioned by Arbitrated

Slugcat captures a Pulsebug by Slugcat
#HuggTheJugg by Slugcat
Snapper by ZedManul
Stealth Transition by Advent
See You Later, Space Whale by Advent
Hydra by GreasyMonkey
Spitfire 2.0 by GreasyMonkey
Station Omega 2.0 by GreasyMonkey
Scion 2.0 by GreasyMonkey
Warbringer 2.0 by GreasyMonkey
Seraph 2.0 by GreasyMonkey
Cthulhu by GreasyMonkey
Advent - Ataraxia
Advent - Boss Banner
Advent - The Trio
Advent - Architect
Advent - Assault
Advent - Battery
Advent - Carrier
Advent - Courser
Advent - Engineer
Advent - Firefly
Advent - Hullbreaker
Advent - Leviathan
Advent - Research
Advent - Sentinel
Advent - Spectre
Advent - Viper
Advent - Leviathan
Advent - Nova Drift^2
Advent - Deep Snek
Advent - Fast Tempo
Advent - Viper's Hard Rock
Evertone - Attractor
Evertone - Celestial Worm
Evertone - Satellites
Evertone - Scionic Spawn
Evertone - Sniper
Evertone - Starcaller
Evertone - Super Juggernaut
Evertone - Neo Dropships
Evertone - Magnetar\
Evertone - Stormguard
Evertone - Nanobomber
Evertone - Samurai
Evertone - A completely normal round of Nova Drift
Evertone - Another completely normal round of Nova Drift
Evertone - Concept: Blue Mobility Mods
Evertone - Concept: Super Mods
Evertone - Concept: Marine Tree: Candescence Alternative
Evertone - Assorted Gears, Mines and Turrets
Evertone - Minigun, Generator and Inferno
Evertone and Hexacryonic - Surge, Titan and Gladiator
Evertone - Siphon 2.0
Evertone - Excalibaard's Sidewinder Body and Chronite's Impact Shield
Evertone - Inferno Body with Titan Shield
Evertone - Stardrift Modernization
Evertone - Garganta
Evertone - Garganta Firing
Skipydog's Elite Beholder (Left) with Evertone's Quasar (Right)
Evertone - Super Mod: Thruster Charge
Evertone - Weapon Gear: Slug
Evertone - Scion: The Inheritor
Evertone - Seraph: The One-Winged Angel
Evertone - Uber Seraph Attack Concepts
Evertone - Enemy Concept: Arcadia
Evertone & Kiss_My_ASCII - Enemy Concept: Phantasm
Evertone - Wave 20
Evertone - Body: Hive
Evertone - Boss Concept: Hexadron - Six Sides of Suffering
Evertone - Hexadron Attacks ft. Body Gear: Sledge
Evertone - Nova.io Upgrade System Concept Art
Evertone - Uber Spitfire
Evertone - Boss Concept: Dweller
Evertone - Boss Concept: Lucent
Evertone - Seraph
Evertone - Crucible
Evertone - Cryomancers
Evertone - Elder Cryomancer
Evertone - Enemy Concept: Mirage
Evertone - Super Mod: Tactical Jump
Evertone - Shock Coating
Evertone - The Krangler
Evertone - The Krangler Emerges
Evertone - Heavy Weapon Enemies: Blazar, Sniper, Gunship & Rocketeer
Megoman16 - Nova Drift Wallpaper I
Megoman16 - Nova Drift Wallpaper II
HexaCryonic - Wild Mod: Corpulence
HexaCryonic - Station Gamma
HexaCryonic - BlazeTerror
HexaCryonic - World Cracking
HexaCryonic - Weapon Gear: Cutter
HexaCryonic - Super Mod: Shielded Shields
HexaCryonic - Unstable Ultima Upgrade: Cataclysmic Rebirth
HexaCryonic - Enemy Concept: Compound
HexaCryonic - Super Mod: Essence Split
HexaCryonic - Crucible Domain
HexaCryonic - Nemesis Bosses
Evertone - Uber Crucible
idiotica - Body: Lunatic
NowOnTest - Body: Trickster
Saris - Body: Deadeye
Saris - Orbiter
Saris - Alternate Boss Concept: Altair
Saris - Altair Details
Saris - Paradoxial Carapace
Snek - Buff Turret
Snek - Buffed Train
Snek - Bunker (Gear)
Snek - Carrier 2.0
Snek - "Crab Thing"
Snek - Heavy Ramming Ship
Snek - Mega Interceptor
Snek - Overbuffed Train
Snek - Parapet
Snek - Propulsive Munitions Enemy
Snek - Rindon
Snek - Sledge
Snek - Turret Carrier
Snek - Heavy Flanker
Snek - Flamethrower Enemy
Snek - Mothership
Snek - Unusual Defense Turret
Snek - Wavepusher
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Boss Amalgamation
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Bullwarbringer
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Crabwark
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Hammerwark
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Juggerwark
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Minewark
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Pulsarwark
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Scionwark
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Warpeeler
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Warpeeler (Elite)
Snek - Hybrid Enemy: Warpeeler (Champion)
Snek - Boss Concept Phase I
Snek - Boss Concept Phase II
Ægg Prophet - Swordbreaker
AquamarinePlasma - Noxious
AquamarinePlasma - Scout
AquamarinePlasma - Solar Flare
Ballisticx - Cruisers
Talha - Jester
GgWw1175 - Skimmer Scaling
Katiavu - Uber Station
Katiavu - Uber Formation
n+ - Big Zam (from Gundam)
n+ - Boltthrower
n+ - Assault Railgun
n+ - Station Omega
C. - Station Omega Colored (Original by n+)
n+ - Serpent
n+ - Bulwark
n+ - Juggernaut and Pulsar
Skipydog - Sprites for Normal and Elite Celestials
Skipydog - Fractal Boss: Phase I
Skipydog - Fractal Boss: Phase II
Skipydog - Corvette
Skipydog - Razor
Skipydog - Gladiators
Skipydog - Gyronaut
Skipydog - Triloid
Skipydog - Mastermind
Skipydog - Meteor
Skipydog - Meteor and Meteor Wake
Skipydog - Squid
Skipydog - Jugglers
Skipydog - Beholder
Skipydog - Beholder (Elite)
Skipydog - Modular Enemy Concept: Hexleration
Skipydog -Experiment: Coercion (Normal and Elite)
Skipydog - Experiment: Coercion (Champion)
adamxmz - Nova Drift Comic
Ægg Prophet - 3D Sentinel
Catalyst4 - Nova Drift Comic
CAUE4000 - Snappers
DankoLord - Interceptor Pixel Art
DankoLord - Piercer
DankoLord - Architect: Become Turret
DankoLord - Overcharged Artillery
DankoLord - Random Nova Drift Doodles
DankoLord - Scout Turret Concept
DankoLord - Sentinel Colossus
DankoLord - Siege Colossus
DankoLord - Space Whale
Concept by DankoLord, Redrawn by Xyrole, Vectorized by illAligned - Assault Engineer Hybrid Body
DankoLord - Overseer Colossus
DankoLord - Body Gear: Steampunker
DankoLord - Protean Coat of Arms
DankoLord - Segmented Viper Concept
DankoLord - Adjusted Protean Wallpaper
DankoLord - Engineer Drawing
DankoLord - Perspective Study with Assault 
dragonfireMagic - Body Gears
Talha- Bead Art
Talha - The Railcult
Talha - A bad day for Assault
idiotica - boyBringer
idiotica - Seraph-chan
idiotica - Warbri-senpai
illAligned - Turret 2.0
IndieARK - Untitled
Lt - 3D Engineers
Lt - 3D Research
Lt - Station Omega Render
Lt - Seraph Render
Lt - Champion Juggernaut Render
Lt - Assault and Firefly vs Seraph
Lt - Space Station and Viper Patrol
Lt - Ceratotitan's Swarm
Lt - Dreadnought's Lightning
Lt - Dweller's Army
Lt - Crucible Render
Lt - Glaucus's Vortex
Lt - 3D render of Blazar by Evertone
Lt - Carrier vs Evertone's Blazar
Lt - Assault vs Talha's Jester
Penguinsnkittens - Assault and Thermal Lance
SolFrostyArt - Nova Drift
Ultraken - Nova Drift
WeaverSong - Hullbreaker
WeaverSong - Sentinel
ZEAA0N - No Speed Limit
Captain Cannonball - Tank Body
UncleShion - Magna Cutter
UncleShion - Shackleech
UncleShion - Space Narwhal
E-dawg - Super Mod: Charged Shields
Schrödinger's card - Stained Glass Window
Schrödinger's card - Original Wave 200
Schrödinger's card - Shield Mutation Concepts
Schrödinger's card - Super Mod: Turbulant Wake
AvionDrake579 - Fatal Miscalculation
4DIS - Rise of the Railgunner Turret
Bread - Assault with Salvo
Bread - Bunch of Constructs
Vividant - Bulwark
Hyperspade - Alternate Boss Concept: Charybdis
Arch_Imedes - Body Gear: Razor
Arch_Imedes - Shield Gear: Chakram
Arch_Imedes - Assorted Ships
Arch_Imedes - Dreadnought Doodle
Arch_Imedes - Spitfire
Ataraxia - Ship Ideas
Ataraxia - Boss Concepts
UnitDelta - Seraph Drawing
UnitDelta - Ceratotitan Drawing
UnitDelta - Ceratotitan Painting
UnitDelta - Glaucus Painting
UnitDelta - Assault
UnitDelta - Assault Birdhouse
yivrne haaan - 3D Assault
yivrne haaan - 3D Pulsar
Fungifity - Seraph Fanart
Admiral - Weapon Concept: Phalanx
mr. cactus - Beamcaster: Challenger
mr. cactus - Gyrogun: Challenger
mr. cactus - Saucer: Challenger
mr. cactus - Enemy Concept: Generator
mr. cactus - Saucer Flag
MusicalRess - Mods for Enemies
NovDev - Spitfire
Toska. - Pulsar
Toska. - Architect
Toska. - Battery
Toska. - Bulwark
X̆ - Sunfly
Ketcapli PilavZ - Vanguard and Warbringer
Artie Phact - Seraph Sketches
Artie Phact - Firefly Drawings
Drac - Glaucus
Fauxvoid - Scion
GADGEMAN - Void Slash
Chimeric - Sword Mockup


By Lurk
Wild Metamorphosis is coming along well, guys.
If you were around for the Wild Metamorphosis beta, this makes sense to you. I think this is the most busted Nova Drift has ever been. Exceptional cut and paste by Jim-Bot.

TFW your game honestly wasn't very difficult to make
"Croctopus" by Kinishina
"There is a certain feeling when you damage Station with hullbreaker..." Artwork by Kinishina
"The Juggernaut of Wellness" by Kinishina

The Juggernaut of Wellness... well, it's like a... "Blissey" meets a "Juggernaut". Its healing missiles bring health and prosperity. If it blesses you... look, it's complicated, don't worry about it.

By Kinishina
REDFIST by Kinishina
The OMEGALUL Black Hole by JohnSolaris
By John Solaris
Series by Potatomaster

Nova Pone

This one probably won't make sense to you, but it makes me happy. By NowOnTest
There was no way to stop ZedManul from creating this, so this exists, now.
Praise the Infinitrain! Praaaaaaise! By Lurk
Hydra Chargin' by GreasyMonkey
Billaxethrower - Barrage Railgun goes BRRRRRR
Evertone - Offscreen Hives
Evertone - Slipstreamageddon
Icicle - Warp, Tempest Break and Emergency Systems
n+ - Body Gear: Catgirl
Vogelspin - The original "Fleshy Ships"
ZEAA0N - Fleshy Viper I
ZEAA0N - Fleshy Viper II
n+ - Fleshy Battery
Schrödinger's card - Minedrift
HexaCryonic - Traingetti and Meatballwarks

HexaCryonic - Crackbreaker

«·ZΞAΔ0N·» - The Juggernaut Condition
«·ZΞAΔ0N·» - The Omega Condition
«·ZΞAΔ0N·» - The Scion Condition
«·ZΞAΔ0N·» - The Warbringer Condition
Chimeric - Stonks
Mostachobich - Not Stonks
Evertone - Super Mod: Stored Power
DankoLord - Nova Drip
DankoLord - Nova Drip
DankoLord - RGB Nova Drip
Talha - Skill
Adamxmz - Recursive Commander Drones Bug
Strawman - Introducing Nova Drift, starring: 
Evertone - Chimeric Pondering the Crucible
HexaCryonic - Boss Renames

Lurk - Orbs of Discord


Talha - +Parry

Excalibur Heavy Battlecruiser and AEgg Prophet - Shredder Box Time
Ægg Prophet - Warpbreaker

Screens That Make Me Laugh

The Vortex that Ended the World
When you BANISH the VOID
AFK Build
Evertone - Lagrange Point
Unknown - Surge Spam
Vogelspin - Celestial Surge
Vogelspin - Scion Bubbles
Xn - The Student Surpasses the Master
MeepMweep - The Sigma Grindset
Schrödinger's Card - Rancor Gaming
Soren Lily - Warp Storage (Discovered by adamxmz)
Schrödinger's card - BRRRRRRT: Partial Meltdown
Evertone - Imprisoned

Miscellaneous Content

DankoLord - Sprite Editing Guide

Fanart Gallery V2 is under construction, aimed at improving the display! I am currently testing formatting and transferring files from our backup to my PC for upload. Please let me know if you have any concerns / suggestions. - Avion

A collection of the fanart posted in the official Nova Drift Discord Server. If you have any questions, if I forgot to credit you, or if you would like your art removed, please notify me!

Additionally, some of these files are meant to be background images. Due to limitations of the gallery, they have been turned to .jpeg and scaled down. If you would like a higher resolution file to use as wallpaper, feel free to DM me.

- AvionDrake579

Digital Art

Vector Art


Enemy Concept Art

Gear Concept Art

By Evertone
By Evertone and HexaCryonic

Mod Concept Art




Ingame Screenshots / Clips