Standby for a detailed breakdown... but for now, here's a brief teaser

The former "Efficiency" and "Improved Thruster" trees are being broken down and reshuffled into 3 trees, allowing for a greater and more coherent focus. Additionally, many of the mods found in these trees are being rebalanced. Below is a quick overview of the new mods found in these trees. Bear in mind they may contain other stat alterations in addition to their "headline" ability!

Kinetics Tree:

Kinetic Boost: Your current speed enhances your weapon damage.

Energy Manipulation Tree:

Conversion: Convert 30% of your hull to shields or 30% of your shields to hull.

Regression: Based on your current owned mods, streamline the mod pool and gain varying benefits depending on what was removed.

Movement Tree:

Blink: Suddenly displace your ship, confounding your enemies and avoiding dangers.

Additionally, these new powers open up a wealth of possibilities for new Super Mods! I'm particularly excited about the possibilities of Blink Super Mods.

More details soon!