Is Nova Drift coming to consoles?

We hope so! With any success, this will be an obvious choice. We're particularly excited to see the game on Switch, it seems like a perfect match.


Certainly a possibility. In the mean time, Steam has a new feature that will allow you to play the PC version on Linux, and it already works on the beta.

Steam? DRM Free? Where else is it being sold?

The game will be available on Steam the 27th of this March, two days from the time of this post. You will be able to buy a DRM free version on, here. When possible, the game will also be sold on the Epic store.

Will Nova Drift receive updates?

Oh yes. A whole lot of them, both during and after early access. No extra charge. Just tell your friends. You can see some of the highlights here, here, and here. You can also drop feature requests in the Discord, and Chimeric will read them and implement his favorites.

Will you add multiplayer?

Nova Drift focuses on creating as solid a single player experience as possible. As small as the dev team is (one person!), multiplayer is simply out of scope for Chimeric. Games that support multiplayer tend to need to be built to do so from the ground up. However, whispers speak of a theoretical future sequel being "Multiplayer-first".

What was Nova Drift created in?

GameMaker 2!

Who made it?

The creator, Jeffrey Nielson (Chimeric), is a one-man dev team, but gets by with a little help from his friends. He has been working on the game for 4 years. Miles Tilmann (of Pixeljam Games - does anyone remember Dino Run?) created the soundtrack and audio. He also publishes and markets the game! What a useful guy. Additionally, Ken Miller (of Battlezone fame), has been helping out recently with his clutch code support and expertise in his down time.

How do you even pronounce "Chimeric"?

Kai-mer-ic. Not "ch". Like Chimera.

Why haven't you added x feature?

The team is tiny! And the game is still in early access. It's probably already on the wish list. Consider how long it takes large game teams to create content and features and then scale that waaay down :) It can't hurt to make a feature request, but please have patience. Chimeric loves having the game community driven, but there's a huge amount left to do, and he is more or less a human mortal.

Will the game have mod support?

The nature of games built in GameMaker makes them incredibly hard to mod, but you're welcome to try...

How does the full version differ from the early access version?

Early access focuses on the meat of the game: The upgrade system and game balance. Nova Drift's endless mode is a perfect arena to focus test player abilities, enemy capabilities, and game flow. The full version will include the campaign, a game mode with exposition, an introduction, and a game ending. Additionally, the final version will include the game's final boss fight. During early access, the game will also gain additional features such as new upgrades, greater challenges for veteran players, optimizations, more musical tracks, polish, and more game customizations.

Will the price change after the early access?

While there is no concrete plan to change the $15 price tag, we may adjust it if needed.

What inspired this project?

Chimeric wrote a lot about that, here. Beyond Path of Exile, the game takes strong influence from games with solid upgrade mechanics such as Borderlands 2, The Binding of Isaac, Warframe, Divinity 2, and Mass Effect 3. Nova Drift aspires to to cram those juicy upgrade mechanics into a 20 minute experience.

Any advice for an aspiring game developer?

Nearly 2 years ago, during Nova Drift's Kickstarter, Chimeric wrote an article about that, you can read it here. Expect a follow up article soon!

Anything else?

Chimeric is an open book. You can always ask in the discord.