A few people were surprised that some of the game's features are planned for after the launch, so I'd like to clear up any confusion: The Nova Drift we have now is designed to be a platform on which I can pile on new content as long as it makes sense to do so!

Here's the plan for new features over the course of the year:

This is a list of the features I know I want to create now. It doesn't represent everything that will be created! Inspiration is a resource I deeply value. As the game evolves new needs and ideas will arise, as they always do, and I will implement our favorites.

I'm excited for this phase of the development. Finally, all the foundations and systems for the game will have been laid, it will have been launched, and the time for pure creation and community collaboration will have come!

Even so, I feel its worth saying that one year is an estimate. An informed guess. I like to be totally transparent with you guys, so I'll let you in on an inside secret: When it comes to game development, pretty much everyone is guessing. Even veterans get it wrong more often than not. It's simply impossible to predict– and not only because of unknowns and unexpected problems– it's often about opportunities that are too good to miss. Take the Wild Metamorphosis feature, for instance. This was never a planned part of the game, but now that the community and I have discussed how much potential it has to transform the game and increase it's longevity, well, we just have to do it! I'm also sure that I'll want to implement many of the community's suggestions along the way, as always.

So, in short: This project is important to me. There are are no looming money-men pushing for a deadline. I will work briskly, but in the end, these features will be released when they are good enough and I am proud to share them with you :)

One last thing: I'm going to start doing developer streams soon, showcasing some lesser known and downright weird builds. I'll also be answering any questions you have about the game, game development, or anything else you want to ask!

If you'd like to watch, please follow me on Twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/chimeric_ Thanks!