Nova Drift is gearing for the beginning of Early Access on March 27th, and then I'll be churning out regular content again! As a living game, Nova Drift will be getting a steady flow of updates during and after Early Access.

I'm excited to present a preview the next major upgrades for our favorite bio-luminescent celestial being:

You might be noticing a theme... I know our veteran players will be excited about some of the possibilities Barrage offers, as well.

I know one or two of you like numbers. Here are some of them! Whether they will stay these exact numbers as I develop these features... seems... unlikely.


  • 100 Hull Strength
  • 110 Mobility
  • +10% weapon damage
  • +20% burn duration
  • -10% rate of fire
  • 200 base crash damage
  • Gain Caustic Barrier and Venom Strike

Caustic Barrier:

  • You gradually charge Caustic Barrier over time or when you take damage
  • Caustic Barrier grants crash damage hull resistance equal to its charge, up to a maximum of 90%
  • When you crash with Caustic Barrier, it applies heavy burn damage over 5 seconds and resets its charge
  • Caustic Barrier damage scales with crash damage modifiers, burn modifiers, and charge level

Venom Strike:

  • When you take a hull damage hit, trigger Venom Strike in the direction of the offender
  • Venom Strike deploys a twisting spray of caustic liquid which deals burn damage to targets it passes over
  • Burn Damage: 60 /s
  • Projectiles: 3-5


  • Deploy a barbed projectile which delivers a caustic payload
  • Darts stick into targets for 5-10 seconds, modified by projectile size and burn duration
  • Darts in targets each deal increasingly severe burn damage as more darts are added
  • Damage: 25
  • Damage over time: Base damage as burn per second, +25% per other dart in target
  • Projectiles: 1
  • Rate of Fire: 3 / second


Unlock conditions: Burst Fire + Focus Fire

  • Instead of being fired at once, multiple projectiles are fired one at a time, straight ahead, in rapid succession
  • Your weapon spread affects your projectile origins rather than its trajectory
    Replaces the Burst Fire effect
  • -10% weapon damage, velocity, blast radius, and size

Thanks, all. Please don't forget to wishlist Nova Drift on Steam, even if you plan to play the DRM free version. It'll make a huge difference on launch week!